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2023-01-24 00:08:18


Washington, D.C. was in the throes of a rape epidemic. Perhaps 50 women had been kidnapped and mercilessly raped by a gang of ruthless hoodlums.

From the post-rape interviews of the victims, the police had been able to establish that the rapists were a pack of young boys, who were apparently in their mid-teens.

There was a large, but undetermined number of them, and it wasn’t known whether they were school boys or degenerate juvenile delinquent drop outs.

Like their many rape victims, the boys were reported to be of various nationalities.

What had been clearly established by the investigations was that the young punks were particularly dangerous and vicious and had absolutely no regard for women’s rights.

The problem had gotten so bad that the D.C. Police Commissioner had contacted the head of the CIA and requested that Wonder Woman be assigned to lend her assistance to a special task force that had been set up to help the D.C. police department find and arrest the nasty, depraved gang of lowlife teen thugs.

For the last couple of years, in order to keep Wonder Woman’s identity a secret, her civilian persona, Diane Prince, had been working in a special CIA research unit in the D.C. area, where she performed a mundane government job.

The CIA Chief contacted her immediate supervisor, Bret Hart, and advised him that Diana was being temporarily reassigned, for a few days. When Hart had hung up from the call he buzzed her extension and asked her to come to his office.

She strolled in, dressed in a form fitting, and somewhat tight red dress that showed off her wonderfully statuesque curves to perfection. The garment’s stretch material molded itself to her magnificently curved body, especially tightly encasing her fantastically rounded ass cheeks.

Having a hard time controlling his wandering eyes, Bret advised her of the temporary assignment, then watched her undulate out of the room, ass cheeks swinging, the gritting of his teeth causing him to bite off the end of his cigar.

Diana immediately went to the D.C. Police Commissioner’s office and was fully briefed about the lurid details of the problem by the Police Commissioner himself.

He told her that all of the rapes had taken place in the lower class east side of the city, so that was the area where she, as Wonder Woman, was being assigned to patrol tonight.

He advised her that, along with her regular super heroine costume, she would be equipped with a special silent alarm that attached to her golden power belt.

Whenever she came upon the gang of rapists in action, she was to immediately set off the alarm, and the police cruisers that patrolled the east side, would respond immediately, and rush to her assistance and help her apprehend these demented, despicable outcasts from society.

Everything having been readied for a successful police action, Diana Prince left the commissioner’s office and went to her apartment. Because most of the rapes had occurred after midnight, she would not be leaving her apartment until 11:00 P.M.

She had something to eat then watched TV until it was time to leave. Precisely at 11:00 she spun herself into Wonder Woman, and then paused in front of her full length mirror to make a few last minute adjustments to her hair and make-up.

Her natural woman’s vanity required that she look perfect for all of her super heroine outings so, after her final primping, she looked herself over, from all angles, then smiled into the mirror, completely satisfied that her marvelously sculptured form, curve hugging tiny outfit, and the halo of long, thick, luxurious black hair, that surrounded her movie star face, looked absolutely perfect.

She ran a hand over the crotch of her uniform, smoothing out the snug fitting material, one last time, visually noting that the last few opponents who had defeated her, and then had callously gangbanged her, had caused her crotch to develop a distinctly visible camel’s toe.

It was obvious to her that, after this assignment was completed, she was going to have to make a call to her mother, the Queen, and have her see that her staff put heavier material in the crotch of her star spangled, blue tights, in order to better hide the embarrassingly protruding, puffy lips of her labium, and her large, extremely sensitive clit.

Taking one last look at herself and giving her crotch one more smoothing press, she sighed and said to herself, “Well there was nothing to be done about it tonight.”

Besides, from experience, she knew that the pronounced camel toe had proven to be a helpful distraction to several of her recent antagonists, their pausing to stare at the fleshy folds having given her a welcome momentary advantage, in some very tough situations.

She left her apartment and went to the city’s dingy, dilapidated, filthy, virtually abandoned warehouse district, where she began walking the area in the shadows cast by the buildings.

After an hour had gone by her superior Amazon hearing detected a woman’s scream from a few blocks away.

She quickly ran towards the source of the scream noting, as she neared her destination, that the area was apparently so un-safe that there was not a single soul to be seen on the streets.

Getting close to the sounds of the woman in trouble, she slowed and turned into a trash and debris strewn alley.

She strode down the shadowy passageway towards the source of the plaintive female wail, and then saw a large group of young boys standing around watching other young men who were in the process of stripping and slapping around a woman who was on her knees, moaning in terror and begging for them to stop.

Wonder Woman paused about 30 feet from the circle of boys and said in a strong, authoritative voice, “Please unhand that girl, right this minute, and let her go.”

The boys who weren’t currently involved in molesting the victim, casually turned around to see who was talking.

“You heard me, let the girl go, immediately,” Wonder Woman said firmly, in an even louder voice.

One of the insolent boys who were looking at her said “Hey guys, turn that little tramp loose; we’ve got a fantastic looking piece of ass standing here who sounds like she wants to take the bitches place.”

Even though it was a gross comment from an even grosser little punk, Wonder Woman’s vanity appreciated the compliment on how shapely her assets looked.

As all of the boy rapists turned to take a look at her, she scolded them, “You boys should be ashamed of yourselves. Just because you are too repulsive looking to get dates on your own, you shouldn’t be forcing yourselves on others.”

The three boys clutching the victim, released her and joined their buddies in brazenly looking Wonder Woman over, practically drooling at the sight of her full, ripe, superbly curved body, clothed in the small, tantalizingly sexy costume.

They quickly began whistling and hooting in appreciation of the spectacular display of feminine pulchritude standing before them, as their victim got to her feet, grabbed her clothing and ran away.

Wonder Woman now found herself staring at eight juvenile delinquents who were now arrayed in a semi-circle in front of her.

They were a particularly nasty looking group of young punks; ugly, un-bathed, dressed in dirty street gang clothes. All in all, a very unsavory group of vile miscreants

As she stood there confronting them, she could see that they were the absolute dregs of society, very young boys too dumb, depraved and dysfunctional to compete fairly with other members of civilized society.

Except for one tall boy, all the rest of them appeared to each be shorter and weigh less than she did. She didn’t think that any of the boys could be more than sixteen years of age and most of them appeared to be even younger.

There was absolutely no question in her mind that this group of boys was the gang of rapists she was out to apprehend.

Even though there were eight of them, she was sure, from the looks of the skinny, sorry looking group of losers, that she could handle them until the police backup arrived.

Doing as she had been instructed by the head of the rape task force, she pressed the emergency button on her power belt and set off the special alarm in each of the three patrol cars that were on duty tonight.

Forthrightly, the spectacularly built super heroine said, “Alright boys, you are under arrest.”

The tall one, who was apparently the leader of this raunchy group of losers, asked “For what, bitch?”

She responded, “For attempted rape.”

The leader of this filthy band of animals laughed, disparagingly, saying, “And just who the fuck is going to arrest us, bitch?”

Putting her hands on her fully formed woman’s hips, and spreading her feet, in her most defiant Amazon pose, the mighty maiden announced, “I am.”

“And just who the fuck are you, Big Tits,” the leader asked in distain?

With forcefulness, the magnificently proportioned heroine said, “I am Wonder Woman, and I have been specially deputized by the police department to arrest you rotten little brats.”

The leader looked over their confronter’s incredible body, and said “So you must be that super heroine we’ve been reading about in the newspapers, who’s been especially recruited to put us in jail.”

“Yes I am” Wonder Woman responded aggressively, “but I’m surprised kids as dumb as you can even read.”

The leader said, “You better watch your sassy mouth, hot stuff. If you don’t, you are going to have to pay, big time, for making insults like that.”

Wonder Woman replied, confidently, “The only ones who are going to have to pay are you and your vile gang of boy punks.”

“You are going to be put away a long time for the acts of atrocity you have been committing on the women of this city.”

The tall, skinny head boy retorted, “You are scaring the hell out of us, you fuckin’ slut. You are the one who’s going to be paying, you stupid bimbo, and when you do pay, you are going to find out that we are a lot more than boys.”

“And now that we’ve all gotten a close-up look at that super stacked, half-dressed body of yours, I can see that making you pay is going to provide us with a hell of a lot of good old dirty, lewd sexual gratification.”

“You know, dressed in that sexy little costume of yours, you look more like a high dollar hooker, than a representative of the police department.”

“You really shouldn’t be out on the streets showing off your stuff like that, cause eventually you are going to run across someone who’s going to make you back up your prick teasing with some real action.”

“And who might that be, you sick freak,” she retorted?

“Like us for instance! Man we’re going to have a blast fucking the hell out of those spectacular assets, ain’t we boys?”

The thoroughly prick teased, and turned on, gang of teenage punks let out a guttural roar of testosterone inspired approval.

Now on a roll, the leader went on, “We’ve been getting bored raping students, teachers and MILF housewives. The bitches cry and then pass out, just when the abuse gets to the level of being real crude, nasty and gratifying to us.”

“It’s going to be great to fuck someone who is really built to be gang banged. I’m betting you can go through everything we’re going to do to you, without passing out on us, even once.”

‘And, believe me, you sure are fixing to get the chance to prove that I’m right about that, you smart mouthed Cunt”.

The world’s mightiest woman then watched the teens begin to edge forward.

A couple of them made a feint to charge her from her left, as she stood confidently, with hands on magnificent hips and her breasts thrust forward in her best super heroine fighting stance.

She assumed that they would rush her as a group, in order to improve their odds of overpowering her.

She was also very sure that, if she stayed perfectly focused, she could defeat the band of skinny kid rapists, easily.

Four of the punks then made a feint to charge her from her right side and, as she was concentrating on them, she heard the air swish behind her.

Before she could react, she felt something very and heavy crash against the back of her head, the crushing blow immediately driving her to her hands and knees in the dirt of the alley.

A previously unseen, ninth member of the gang of rapists, a lookout nicknamed Cowboy, had stepped out of the shadows, behind her, and taken a full baseball bat like swing with a 3 inch in diameter, 5 foot long, lead pipe, blasting the fabulously proportioned Amazon’s head, hard.

The power of the forceful blow put a severe dent in the heavy pipe and also put stars in Wonder Woman’s eyes, as the dazed superwoman stayed on her hands and knees for a few moments, stunned, the powerful blow causing drool to drip out of her open mouth.

As the dazed super heroine knelt on the ground, trying to recover her wits, Cowboy, nick-named that by his fellow rapists because he always wore cowboy boots that had extremely long pointed toes, stepped forward and swung his leg, like he was kicking an extra point in football, the old fashioned way, and planted the pointed toe of his boot squarely into Wonder Woman’s exposed, camel toed crotch, driving the sharp point of the dirty boot several inches up into her pussy, the width of his foot, at the instep, finally stopping the obscene insertion into her womanhood.

The sharp toe of the boot had taken the crotch of her star-spangled tights along with it, right up into Wonder Woman’s cunt.

The force of the devastating crotch shot was so great that the boot, with foot still in it, got wedged firmly into the Amazon’s pussy.

When her snatch clenched in reaction to the cruel invasion of her sex channel, it trapped Cowboy’s booted foot in her vagina and, as she pitched forward, her beautiful face was driven into the alley dirt, the forward motion of her body dragging Cowboy off his feet.

Seeing the outrageously endowed super woman go down, flat on her face, the other eight hoodlums rushed forward.

The first ones who got to her prone body kicked and stomped her, from all sides; primarily to her thighs, ass, and torso, causing her to writhe in pain.

They then fell on her prone body, with a fury, and began brutally pummeling every part of her sumptuous bundle of curved assets.

Though being viciously pounded, for what seemed like an eternity, the mighty Amazon’s head soon cleared, and she rose up to her knees, lifting all of the boys with her, then stood up.

The standing up was made particularly difficult by the fact that she had to also lift the weight of Cowboy’s leg, because his boot was still stuck in her cruelly violated vagina.

The leader of the group of teenage rapists, and one other boy, an Arab, were standing close to the squirming pile of bodies, watching guardedly, rather than joining in on the fray, the ever alert leader holding a baseball bat at the ready.

While Wonder Woman was distracted and looking down, trying to push Cowboy’s boot and foot out of her aching, stretched and lubricating snatch, the Arab gave her a savage punch to her perfectly rounded stomach, burying his fist in up to the wrist, driving the wind out of her, and dropping her back onto her hands and knees again.

The leader then swung his bat, overhand like an ax, and gave Wonder Woman a full shot to the back of her magnificent head, the force of the crushing blow plowing her gorgeous face into the hard, dusty dirt of the alley, again.

“How did you like that Wonderslut,” asked the pleased and smirking leader?

Wonder Woman lay trying to regain her senses, an effort not helped by having to breathe in the un-bathed stench emanating from the pile of nasty, sweating rapists, who were again piled on top of her, punching her some more.

Finally, she was able to push Cowboy’s wet tipped boot out of her vagina as she began to try and clear her head.

The distraction of the painfully imbedded boot, and the related sexual murmur it had stirred within her, had temporarily dulled her thinking, almost as much as the wickedly hard blows to her head and body.

The boys who were sprawled on top of the fallen super heroine had momentarily lost interest in just punching her, and had now gotten very busy exploring her lower orifices and huge breasts, as she squirmed under this lewd sexual assault of her heaving and bruised body.

But this sexual diversion by the boys was giving her a respite to allow her strength to return and her head to fully clear.

Her recovery was being somewhat impeded by the cuntal wetness she was experiencing, that was being caused by the hands that were exploring her incredibly curved body.

Then she felt two fingers go into her anus. She quickly decided that she had to breakout of this perilous circumstance, before the boys got any further with her, sexually.

She had to get control of the situation because she could only imagine how mortifying it would be to be forced to service nine experienced rapists, especially extremely young, dirty, ugly, teen punks like these were.

Having girded herself for the effort, she flexed her super re-charged Amazon body, throwing off all the eager rapists who were on top of her.

Freed, she leapt to her feet expecting to face the two boys who had been waiting beside the pile before. And she was not disappointed; they were right where she thought they would be.

The leader and his Arab gang member had been surprised by this quick turn of events and were unprepared to face the angry Amazon.

She quickly took a step towards them when, again, she received a tremendous blow to the back of her head.

Cowboy, who had been trying to put his wet towed boot back on, after it had been extracted from Wonder Woman’s damp twat, had been checking his ankle to make sure it hadn’t been sprained.

He had just gotten to his feet and fetched his very dented, 5 feet of 3” in diameter lead pipe, when Wonder Woman had made her move to escape.

Like before, the lush bodied Amazon was so intent on the two boys who were facing her, that she had no idea about Cowboy’s location.

That pesky adversary then assertively reminded her of the incompleteness of her thinking, with another swing from the heels blow from his rigid, dented weapon.

It may have been dented but the heavy pipe had more than enough mass to knock the drop-dead gorgeous super heroine to her knees again, this crushing blow putting a matching dent in its other end of the handy weapon.

The leader and the Arab quickly recovered their wits and the Arab stepped in and gave the kneeling Amazon beauty’s upright body four very hard chopping shots with his fists, one devastating hook to each of her sides, and one to each marvelously proportioned, jutting breasts.

The leaded glove wearing, vicious, experienced Arab fighter, then knelt in front of her and drove a vicious gut shot to her wonderfully rounded stomach.

Wonder Woman again dropped to all fours with a loud gasp of pain. The little Arab stepped back from his excellent work on the gang’s super heroine victim and made room for Cowboy to bring his trusty lead pipe down with a very loud thwack on the small of the back of the fabulously built Wonder Woman.

The leader, with another full swing of his bat, brought the wooden weapon down on the back of Wonder Woman’s dazed head, driving her, tits first, into the alley dirt, again.

The gang of boys immediately jumped back on the fallen super woman and rained blows on her superbly shaped body, as she shook her head and tried to clear the fog from her mind.

Resorting to her indomitable will power, she again struggled to her feet, tossing boys aside.

The three guardians were still there waiting and, as she straightened up, the Arab stepped in front of her and brought his knee up hard between her parted, luscious, full thighs, catching her squarely in the crotch.

Wonder Woman felt the lips of her vagina get driven up into her cuntal channel, as a tremendous flash of pain shot up through her lower body, causing drool to run down her chin.

The ever present Cowboy crashed his dented lead pipe against the back of her thighs causing her shoulders to jerk back thereby allowing the leader to drive the big end of his bat directly into the super woman’s fully exposed stomach, with both hands.

As she began crumpling to the ground again, the Arab kicked her hard to the side of her lovely head and the stunningly beautiful Amazon almost blacked out, as her inert body bounced off of the hard, dusty, filth strewn ground.

The gang of rapists swarmed on her like a pack of wild dogs. As she thrashed around frenziedly under the pile of punching, groping boys, for the first time her confidence began to waiver.

Four of the teens then grabbed hold of her arms and legs, and pinned her down, while a fifth gang member knelt at her head, wrapped his hands around her neck, then sat on her face to keep her from moving her head.

Only the leader was standing guard, thereby freeing the three remaining rapists to try and punch her out.

As one of the punks drove his fist into her crotch, the blow echoing a resounding “splat” from a bony fist mashing soft pussy lips against the pubic mound bone, she gasped in pain, wondering why it was taking so long for the police to respond to her alarm signal.

Based on what the task force leader had told her, the patrol cars should have already been here long ago, she thought, as one of the creeps stomped the heel of his boot into her stomach, leaving her choking for air.

As she listened, hopefully, for the sounds of sirens, a punch blasted into her right breast, the hard blow bringing a grunt of pain from her pursed lips.

As they continued to punch her, she could feel that the physical exertions she had made, and the many blows she had received from her antagonists, were now draining her reserves of energy.

She was fatigued, and her well-toned body was covered with the boy’s sweat and saliva, and alley dirt.

Then she felt teeth sink into one of her nipples, through her bustier, while another punk drove his fist into her belly, leaving her gasping for air, again.

As they stomped her tits, torso, stomach and thighs with their boots, she felt the crotch of her tights being pulled aside, quickly followed by fingers being pushed into her vagina, while other fingers went back up her anal passage.

From past experience, she knew that she had reached a point where she was very vulnerable to defeat.

She was a match for the strength of all of them but, in spite of their idiot level IQ’s, they were cunningly well organized and, as a result, had her in very serious trouble.

The thought of being defeated by this group of nasty, rotten, depraved teenage delinquents was more than she could bear.

There was no doubt in her mind about what fate awaited her if they succeeded in totally defeating her.

She was not going to fare any better than their previous fifty victims, and would probably be subjected to even worse abuse and humiliation.

Therefore, she had no choice but to forget about being rescued by the police and make another attempt to extract herself from the predicament she was in.

The Amazon Princess knew, from hard experience, that each time she exposed herself, by tossing the bodies off of her, she had been clubbed into submission before she could do anything.

On instructions from the leader, they changed tactics and turned her arms and legs loose, then made another a pile of punching, biting, kicking and groping bodies and continued working her body over, brutally.

While being mercilessly battered, she spied Cowboy’s boots. She decided to throw off the bodies, again, and go for him, first, and disable him so that she could escape being surrounded when she cleared the pile.

Reinvigorated by fear of failure, with a tremendous push, she flung their bodies aside and rolled towards the boots, knocking Cowboy over in the process.

She then leapt to her feet and frantically started to move away from the scrambling boys, to get some fighting room, but Cowboy was quick enough to grasp one of her ankles causing her to stumble.

By the time she had regained her balance, she was hit in the back of the thighs by a flying tackle that drove her face first into the grimy alley dirt, where she quickly received two smashing kicks to the side of her head, sending her hair flying.

The boys watched the dizzy and weakening Amazon get up again, then quickly rocked her with a barrage of hard, strategically placed punches, their loud splats resounding through the empty alley.

These thunderous body blows caused the incredibly beautiful super heroine to fall again, groggy from the non-stop barrage of fists and boots, gasping for breath, with spittle dripping from her parted lips.

This time the boys lifted her to her feet by her mane of thick black hair, held her in place and started punching her into total submission.

They had previously found that the broad, golden metal belt she was wearing around her waist got in the way of their punches.

One of them made a move to solve this problem and, with a dazed panic, Diana felt her power belt being unbuckled and taken off of her waist, and then heard the sound of it being tossed aside.

The perpetrator who had removed her magic belt, had no idea that his action had spelled the final defeat of the amazingly statuesque, Amazon princess.

With dismay the de-powered super heroine heard her power belt, her last and only hope, clatter away as it hit the ground, slid across the hard dirt in the alley, and then banged against the wall of a building.

With that obstacle out of the way, the filthy, vicious gang of creeps returned to their flesh beating task, with zeal, surrounding Wonder Woman as, three at a time, they took turns blasting their hard, balled hands into her thighs, ass, stomach, kidneys, back, crotch and breasts.

The quietness of the alley reverberated with the sound of fists hitting firmly curved Amazon flesh, as the gang worked hard to finish her off.

During this final phase, the leader warned her assailants not to punch her in the face, because he wanted to keep it relatively undamaged, knowing that raping her would be much more satisfying if her face was at its lovely best.

After a seemingly endless period of non-stop, flesh pounding punching, the gang of rapists stepped back and let the stunning and stunned Amazon sag to her knees.

Now helpless to stop her complete subjugation, Wonder Woman began to plead with them to stop, that she had had enough, in spite of knowing what they were going to do to her.

“Well, how about that boys. Deputy Slut, here, is finally seeing things our way. Looks like Wonder Punching Bag has given up on the idea of arresting us.”

The smirking leader strutted over in front of her, reached down and grasped her by the chin, then said, “Well, hot stuff, so you want us to stop beating on you, do you?” She nodded her head, “Yes.”

“Well, we would normally be willing to do that, so that we could start fucking you. But, in your case, you have insulted us and we promised you that we would make you pay for those insults.”

“So, for your having been so insolent, the boys are going to have to give you a little payback, by kicking your ass one last time, Big Tits,” as he laughed and leaned down and spit in her face.

With spittle running down her nose, the leader and his second in command lifted her to her feet by her luxurious mane of thick black hair.

“Spread your feet shoulder width, Cunt,” she was instructed. She wearily spread her feet and waited to receive the first blow, as she watched the boy’s line up for their payback shot at her battered, but beautiful body.

The vindictive leader waived the ugly, dark, little Arab forward. He stepped behind her and delivered a crunching blow to the kidneys that brought a loud grunt from her.

“Hey good job Akmed, that’s showing the uppity, round-heeled tramp who’s boss,” said the leader.

Wong then stepped in front of her waiting, dirt and sweat covered curves, and gave her a vicious karate chop to her left breast, that wicked blow momentarily flattening the enormous globe, as it brought a loud moan from Wonder Woman’s swollen lips, in response to the intense flash of pain.

The pimply faced white kid then buried his fist into her lovely, rounded stomach, knocking the breath out of her, and doubling her over at the waist.

While the helpless super heroine was in that position the young Jew gave her a nasty punch to her aching, fully exposed crotch, catching her right between her pussy and her anus, severely abusing both.

That jarring punch straightened the Amazon’s bruised body right back up and had popped her eyes wide open as she let out another gasp of pain.

Drool running down her chin in response to the blows she had received, she thought to herself that she was certainly going to have to be more circumspect in the future about what she said to her adversaries, as she watched the Mexican, Pancho, grin at her as he smashed her hard in the right breast and enjoyed watching her face grimace in pain.

His brother Pedro, then ripped his fist into her battered stomach again, bending her forward with a loud expulsion of breath, allowing Cowboy, who was standing behind the super heroine punching bag, give the statuesque, raven haired beauty a vicious knee lift to his favorite spot, her crotch,

The bony knee brought a sharp gasp from the super heroine’s full lipped mouth, as she felt her other set of very puffy lips disappear up into her fully stretched channel, again.

As she hung there by her hair, pain coursing through her body, she thought how amazing it was that these small, mid-teen delinquents could hit so hard, as she steadied herself to receive the next blow.

The ruthless and brutal leader and his second in command then teamed up. They turned loose of Wonder Woman’s hair and, as she was falling, they simultaneously gave her brutal kidney punches, and everyone laughed riotously as they watched the famous super heroine, the world’s mightiest woman, fly forward burying her face in the alley dirt, the force of the twin blows causing her body to skid across the ground and then smash her head against a brick wall, with a loud thud.

Wonder Woman almost passed out this time, and lay there in a fog of pain, with spittle flowing out of the corners of her mouth.

“Alright boys, now lets’ take this super bimbo into the fuck room and get the fun started,” the leader ordered.

Two of the boys grabbed one of her arms each and began dragging Wonder Woman’s slack body down the alley, the toes of her red boots leaving two ragged trails behind in the dusty alley dirt.

They dragged their next rape victim into an abandoned warehouse, then into a storage room in the back, a dreadfully filthy, small area that they had taken over as their rape room.

The place was just big enough to hold its simple furnishings – a filthy mattress surrounded by a dozen small wooden chairs, three on each wall.

The chairs were there for the rapists to sit on, while they watched their victims being callously violated by their fellow gang members, as they anxiously waited their turn to assault the female prey.

The chairs were within a foot of the edge of the mattress, so the boys could watch the sexual conquests, close up, and get fully entertained and stimulated by the rape action going on right in front of them, the live action being far better than any porn show they had ever watched.

The gang members had been using this room for quite a while to conduct the rapes. In all that time they’d never changed mattresses and never used a sheet.

As a result, the mattress was grossly spotted with the byproducts of the many rapes; dried sweat, along with crusted pools of cuntal juices, jism and drool.

They dragged the helpless super heroine over to the edge of the mattress then dumped the defeated Amazon’s voluptuous body face down on the putrid fuck site.

The leader said, “We better take a precaution here because this bimbo bitch is as strong as hell. Lennie, get those handcuffs we took off of that police woman we raped last week.”

A smallish Jewish boy hurried away, then returned and handed the cuffs to the leader, who said, “Since I like to fuck women while they have their hands tied behind their back, lets’ kill two birds with one stone and handcuff this dumb slut’s hands behind her, so that all we have to watch out for are her legs.”

Diana, Wonder Woman, had regained full consciousness and heard what the gang leader said and, with a sinking feeling, felt him handcuff her hands behind her thereby further sealing her doom.

Without knowing it, the leader, by being a man putting restraints on her, had robbed her of her final reserves of speed, strength and will to resist.

This bit of bondage, added to the loss of her power belt, virtually stripped her of all of her special powers and left her at the absolute mercy of the sadistic whims of these teen rapists.

The only power that remained to her was her ability to absorb physical punishment ,without suffering permanent damage, and the related, almost instant ability of her super heroine body to begin healing itself.

The downside was that she would have to suffer the mental abuse and feel the bodily pain that was going to be inflicted on her at the hands of these filthy, soulless young thugs.

Unfortunately, from her experience, she also knew that the abuse to her sexual hot spots also simultaneously turned her on and caused her to climax at embarrassingly revealing moments. She hated that because she never wanted her rapists to have the satisfaction of knowing that they had gotten to her, but good.

She opened her eyes, still hoping that the police would still arrive in time to save her from this horrible rape she was facing.

Looking down into her open eyes, the leader said, “Well, welcome back Wonder Woman, we’ve been anxiously waiting for you to wake up so you wouldn’t miss out on any of the nasty things that we are going to do to you.”

Now all but giving up on the police rescuing her, she knew that she had no choice but to resign herself to the rape she was going to suffer.

She was totally helpless to escape from this band of young hoodlums and had to accept the fact that she was going to being totally debauched and debased by them.

She never looked forward to being beaten and raped, but being overpowered and raped by a gang of mid-teen aged kids, was particularly embarrassing and odious to her.

In spite of the fact that she had all but given up on the police rescuing her from this rape that the boys were planning to administer to her, she still had not completely given up hope.

What Wonder Woman didn’t know was that the policemen in the patrol cars hadn’t yet received her emergency message.

One patrol car had just gone on their one hour eating break at a donut shop, and the fat occupants were flirting with the buxom waitress, and this mental masturbation with her always stretched the break to at least two hours and more.

Another car had stopped an attractive housewife for speeding home from cheating on her husband, and was presently on a side road, with its radio off, while the two cops let the young wife give them a blow job in exchange of them not giving her a ticket.

But, unfortunately for Wonder Woman, a blow job wasn’t going to be enough to satisfy these two pecker heads sexual demands on the willing MILF and, afterwards they also got a piece of her sloppy seconds ass.

The other car was parked behind a porn shop and the two policemen were in the backroom of the store looking at a whole series of new revealing pictures of Diana Prince, shot by a paparazzi from a perch across the street from her balconied, full glass windowed apartment.

The photographer had gotten some excellent close-up shots of her in various forms of undress and they were so erotic that the two cops were getting a blow job from a hooker they had arrested, while they looked at the pictures of Ms. Prince’s glorious, finely toned body.

Unfortunately there were lots and lots of erotic pictures of Diana for the two cops to go through. So it looked as though it would be quite some time before any of the cops would get back to work and discover Wonder Woman’s emergency message, and rush to her rescue.

So, while the cops were at play, the leader of the raunchy crew of young rapists instructed his minions “Alright guys, now let’s show this super heroine how much fun we have balling sluts like her.”

“I hope you understand, you stupid bimbo, that what we do to our victims is use them to provide us with the nastiest sexual gratification we can think of, and the less they like what we do to them, the better we like it. You do understand that don’t you Wonderfuck?”

She nodded her head affirmatively. “I didn’t hear you, you worthless bitch” he said angrily. “Yes I understand,” Diana said meekly. “That’s better, you soon to be cock sucking, super whore,” he retorted.

He went on, “Now, you fuckin’ bimbo, if we took you, one at a time, it would take all night and we would spend too much time watching and not enough time doing you.”

“So, to make it faster for us, and as hard on you as possible, we do all triple fucks the first three times around.”

“Now, just so you didn’t misunderstand what I said, you prick teasing slut, we are going to fuck you three at a time, until we’ve gone around three full times. That gives each of us a turn in each one of your cock entertainment centers.”

“After that it’s every man for himself, freestyle.”

He further explained, “Now I’ll admit to you that we normally have two girls to rape, so they get to halve the workload and abuse between them.”

“You, however, don’t have anyone to share the load with, so you are going to have to take it on, all by yourself.”

“Fortunately, you being a super heroine, and built the way you are, I think you’ve got what it takes to take us all on, and let us fully satisfy our lust with that full blown body of yours.”

“Of course that means that you are going to get one hell-of-a fucking. But, shit, that’s what your body is built for anyway”.

Always informative, he further advised her, “Now we have a fetish for the females we rape. We like to fuck them while they are wearing the clothes that attracted us to them in the first place.”

“Women are always dressing up like prick teasing whores, advertising their bodies in order to get men’s attention, and make it perfectly clear that they are asking for it.”

“Since the horny bitches have gone to so much trouble to look good for us, we have them keep their clothes on while we fully reward them for their successful prick teasing.”

“Now, in your case, that goes double. That is one sexy outfit you parade around in, Big Tits, and fucking you in it is going to make the sex all the better and dirtier”.

“Of course we are going to have to modify your outfit a little, to make it easy for us to get full access to all of your orifices and your tits”, he advised her.

“Pancho why don’t you show our fully stacked Amazon victim just how good you are with that knife of yours”.

The evil looking Mexican smiled a yellow, broken smile, then got up and knelt by Wonder Woman’s hips as some of the boys grasped her legs and spread them.

Pancho pulled out a huge knife and, while the boys maneuvered her legs and ass into position, proceeded to cut a hole in the crotch of her star-spangled blue tights that provided full access to her pussy and anus.

He then turned to her breasts and quickly cut out large holes in her bustier, fully exposing the meaty tips of each massive globe.

Then, just for fun, he pinched the erect nipples real hard, bringing a low moan of pain and pleasure from the trapped Amazon.

“Hey Pancho, great job man, she looks fantastic and ready to be had,” the leader applauded.

“Now you prissy, prick teasing princess, I am going to show you how we mount women for the triple fuck.”

“After that, when each three man replacement team steps in, you will know how to properly position yourself in order to receive their cocks.”

“We call this system the bitch breaker because a woman can’t retain any dignity while she’s getting three cocks stuffed in each of her orifices, simultaneously.”

“After three rounds of the bitch breaker, you’ll have a whole new appreciation of sex, sluttery and depravity.”

“Some of the women we rape give up sex completely, while the majority of them become nympho maniacs. I’m betting we make a nympho out of you, Wondercunt.”

“Now, on your knees you god damn high class, super tramp, and let’s get this show on the road”, he demanded.

The leader motioned the first group over. They had all stripped down to only their boots, and were all sporting extra-large, very stiff cocks.

The short, thin Jew lay down on his back, long ways on the mattress. The leader the had Wonder Woman straddle the boy facing his feet.

The young hoodlum held his large cock in position, with one hand and, with his other hand, guided her fabulous hips down until her wide open cunt was aligned directly over the head of his cock.

Then he pulled her gorgeous ass down, slipping his hard prick into her pussy until it fully engulfed his manhood. Her vagina was so hot and wet that the big cock had slid quickly into her body, right up to the hilt, as the onlookers cheered and gave each other high fives.

“Goddamn, this bimbo broad is hotter than hell,” said one of the watching and waiting gang members.

The oriental boy now sat down in front of her and leaned back on his elbows, spreading his legs and presenting the kneeling beauty with his thick, full sized yellow prick.

“Now Wonder Woman, bend over and go down on Wong and get you a mouth full of Asian cockmeat,” the leader ordered.

She obediently bent her head forward, opened her mouth and let Wong’s dirty, stinking penis slide in up to her tonsils.

She could hardly keep from gagging from the, almost rancid taste, of the long unwashed, yellow male organ, but fought down the revulsion and started sliding her mouth and tongue up and down the yellow tube, knowing that, in order to keep the gang from abusing her more, she had to quickly accommodate their lewd and humiliating demands.

So she bent to her task and began pleasuring Wong with her extremely talented mouth, proving to everyone that this certainly wasn’t the first cock she had sucked.

Her ass was now sticking up invitingly. As a reward for the important contributions he had made to the defeat of Wonder Woman, Cowboy was given the honor of breaking in her exposed and waiting anus.

He spit onto his eight inch weapon to lubricate it a little, then placed the bulbous head against the puckered opening that was surrounded by Wonder Woman’s fabulously shaped ass, then quickly stabbed half of his prick into the Amazon beauty’s very tight back door entrance, bringing a loud but cock muffled moan of pain and pleasure from the triply penetrated super heroine.

“At-a-boy Cowboy, you really got the big bimbo slut’s attention,” the leader cheered, “now really give it to her.”

Cowboy began withdrawing then shoving his big dong back into her tight rear chute, gaining a half inch with each thrust, until he had worked the entire length of his big dong up Wonder Woman’s tortured ass. During the dick burying process, Cowboy could actually feel the Jew’s cock lined up with his as it plowed away in her other channel.

During the entire process the band of teen rapists got to hear Wonder Woman moan in painful pleasure around Wong’s stiff, mouth stuffing yellow meat pole.

Wong got an unexpected byproduct from Cowboy’s exertions. Each powerful thrust forward of Cowboy’s hips, drove Wong’s hard fleshy tube further down Wonder Woman’s throat, thereby making the gorgeous super woman involuntary deep throat him, by default.

The pleased leader said, “It's good to see the different races come together and cooperate in fucking the most famous super heroine the world.”

“It’s truly inspiring how getting a great piece of ass can cause everyone to get along and be cooperative. You are doing good work for humanity, Wonderfuck,” he told her as he watched the three cocks begin deep fucking and reaming out her stretched orifices.

He then observed, “You are lucky, Wonder Woman, these guys are always so hot to trot during the beginning round, that it flies by pretty fast, because the guys are too turned on to hold their loads back very long.”

“But the following two rounds will really put that full blown body of yours to the maximum fucking test”.

Sure enough, within less than five minutes, the three young rapists almost simultaneously shot their wads into the sandwiched Amazon’s cum receptacles.

The leader yelled at the boys, “Pump all your jism inside the smart mouthed bitch, and don’t waste a drop.”

“You get to hose down the outside of this super whore with your cum, later. Right now let’s see if we can fill the bitch up completely, till its running out of her ears”.

The Jew’s hard pumping penis had been the first to erupt and Wonder Woman felt it begin to spray volleys of thick spunk into the depths of her cunt.

He was immediately followed by Cowboy’s large weapon firing loads of hot white cream up her ass.

She groaned passionately against the long yellow cock in her mouth, as she felt the first two teen rapists emptying their balls into her plundered channels.

The vibration of her groan against Wong’s face fucking prick, triggered his climax and he exploded in Diana’s full, sensuous mouth, ejaculating a seeming flood of semen into her gulping facial cavity, almost choking her as she worked hard to swallow the thick, tangy fluid.

In the midst of the frenzy of the final stabbing of the multiple cocks into her fully penetrated, spectacular body, the boys missed the fact that Wonder Woman had, herself, climaxed.

When the three boys had finished draining their final juices into Wonder Woman’s sumptuous body, they were pushed away by the group that was next in line to use, abuse and dominate the super heroine’s luscious assets, that they had just watched get fully fucked by their fellow gangbangers.

This was a threesome Wonder Woman had heard the leader call forward as, the brown squad. It consisted of the two Mexicans and the Arab.

Wonder Woman waited expectantly as she watched them file by and take their appointed positions.

This group was also stripped down to only their boots, and she could not help but notice again that, as small as the boys were in physical stature, they all had very large cocks.

It seemed to her that they must have earned their membership in the rape gang by the size of their pricks, and she had to lick her lips to keep from drooling.

The now very hot super woman could see that there was no doubt she was going to learn for sure, tonight, whether size really makes a difference.

The brown squad quickly jumped into their places and wasted no time in thrusting their rigid cocks into the Wonder Woman’s heated, now well lubricated and oozing sexual openings.

The boys were not only well hung and experienced rapists, they also had very bad attitudes and they gave her plush body a hard, deep and a thoroughly brutal frigging, spanking her curved flesh, hard as they took her.

Being highly turned on by watching the first three gang members rape the outrageously stacked super heroine, the brown squad took even less time than the first group to deposit their creamy loads into Wonder Woman’s well stirred sexual ports.

Her curvaceous body soon received a flood of liquid volleys and, as the hot cum began shooting off inside her well-used, overheated body. Wonder Woman climaxed again, but this time the boys noticed.

“Goddamn, would you look at that, the big tited bitch climaxed,” howled the on looking boys!

“Well,” the leader said, “it looks like our super built, whore princess really likes the fucking we’re giving her, don’t she guys?”

The already six times fucked super heroine hung her head in embarrassment. It was humi