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Richard Came Home Early

2023-01-22 00:18:46

Meet Richard, a hardworking man just trying to start his life. A middle class man, standing about 5’10” tall. A man not much on exercise, but not a slob. Dresses in nice suits to make his coworkers respect him. A man that loves life and everything in it.

Richard has never understood himself when It came to love. He just wasn’t ready for it. But, in one of trips home he found love. He found love in a girl names Jeanette.

Jeanette was a pretty girl, something Richard was not to used to. She was about 5’ 3” tall, no more than 120 lbs, and a nice B size chest. Not overly top heavy, but enough to make him happy. She has soft blonde hair that goes just past her shoulders, with bangs that hang just past her eyebrows. Blue eyes that can just cut through all the pain in the world and take your breath away. Lips that are so soft and subtle that they can draw your attention from anything when she comes in front of you to kiss you. A walk, that just begs you to follow her. A touch from her fingers can just blow your mind. To Richard, She’s is almost perfect.

Richard is a man standing 5’10” tall, so he’s taller than Jeanette, but not so tall to make kissing a problem. He’s a rather cleaner guy, trimmed mustache and goatee, usually wearing a suit or slacks with a button up shirt. His hair is straight, about 2 inches long combed to the sides. Not over muscular, but strong enough to open the pickle jar when Jeanette needs it. He’s not an athletic man either, but he does help clean up the outside of the house and help with odd jobs for the neighbors, so he’s strong but not muscular.
Richard found himself in the airport, home almost a day early because he fixed a system problem in Florida faster than he or anyone else expected. Wanting to surprise Jeanette, Richard calls a cab and gets a ride home.

As he comes closer to home, he sees his girlfriend’s car outside in the drive way. Not wanting to spoil the surprise, he tells the driver to stop at the neighbor’s house so he can get out.

As he comes to the house he enters through the garage and enters the door toward the laundry room that leads to the kitchen. He slowly opens the door and starts to hear Jeanette talking to one of her friends on the phone while she’s sitting at the countertop reading the paper.

As he listens, he hears her talk about the weather and how she misses him and what she thinks about kids with him, and when he’s going to ask her to marry him. Lucky for him he was already planning it. But then she started to talk about their sex life, and what one of her fantasies was. She goes into details of her rape fantasy, how she feels weird for having it. She talks about be grabbed, and tied up, and blindfolded. Just taken advantage of. Having no control.

Hearing this Richard gets turned on, his dick growing from the thought of being forceful with her. It was always something he thought about and liked, but didn’t know she liked. He was finally going to be able to try his desire with her, the one he loved and the one he wanted to marry him.

Richard decided to give her this gift, and to finally pop her the question.

So, Richard went back out the door into the garage. He put his luggage in the fishing closet and grabbed his cutting knife and some tape and rope from his boat. He then grabbed some torn rags from the work bench. His plan was simple, lure her out into the garage and come up behind her and put the knife to her throat. Get her to take him inside and then tie her up and blindfold her.

He contemplated if this is really what he wanted to do. Scare her with this and possibly loose her, or give her the greatest sex she’s ever had by giving her, her fantasy. He decided and started his plan.

He was listening through the crack in the door and heard her hang up with her friend. So he started to move the door. At a certain point the door would start to creak from not being lubed (something else he forgot to do). So the door started to creak. He let go of the door and let it swing and he hid behind the coats next to it. It didn’t take long for her to hear it and know what it was, so she came to close it. She walked right by him as she reached for the door. She pulls it towards her and it latches, and she engages the deadbolt. She turns to walk back to the kitchen, as she walks by again, he reaches out and grabs her mouth and pulls her toward him and uses the other hand to put the knife he grabbed at her throat. Disguising his voice, he tells her “You’re about to get robbed and if you don’t what I say, then You won’t be harmed”. He tells her not to scream, cause if she does he will kill her. He tells her to nod if she understands. She nods and he says “good”.

He walks her to the living room where he tells her to close her eyes, and she does. He takes the rag and pulls it around her face and covers her eyes, and at this point she’s scared, afraid, and whimpering. He ties the rag tight so she can’t see.

He tells her to put her hands together in front of her. She puts her hands in front and he starts to wrap tape around her wrists to keep her there. She complies still whimpering telling him she wont say anything just to let her live, that she wont even call the cops. He screams SHUT UP. Got to play the part right???

He grabs some more tape and puts it around her mouth to shut her up. She still whimpers and tears are coming down her face. She’s so scared her legs and shivering. He knows she can’t stand much longer so he tells her to lay on the floor and helps her down.

As she lays down he grabs more tape and wraps her legs together right below her knees. She starts to struggle, so he puts the knife back to her throat and tells her to stop or die. She stops squirming.

She just lays there whimpering and tears just rolling down her face.

He knows he has to make it legit so, he starts to open drawers and move stuff around in them and then slam them shut. He does this around the room and then goes into another room and does it. He goes room to room doing this, finally coming back to her in the living room.
He throws a bag of some of his old stuff he had in a bag on the floor next to her sealing the ruse.

He grabs her and turns her over and starts to search her pockets, grabbing everything she had in her pockets and puts it on the table.

He starts to look at her, all whimpering and in complete submission. This just sends him overboard, His hard-on throbbing to get out of his pants. He knows its time. Time to give her what she wants and what he wants.

Jeanette has never gone down on Richard, but he’s never asked her to, so it was kind of a draw. He’s always wanted her to with her small and subtle mouth. Thinking about it at night drove him crazy.

He decided to do it; He goes to her and rolls her back over to her front. He grabs her arms and pulls her to her knees. He takes the tape wrapped around her wrists and cuts it to let her hands free, But he takes them and wraps them behind her back wrapping them again with tape to hold them there.

He goes back in front of her and tells her he found the gun in the closet and has loaded it so not to scream. He tells her, he’s been looking at her and her ass and her tits and how they are just turning him on. He tells her he wants to make her his bitch, and how he’s going to make her suck his dick, and how he’s going to fuck her, Fuck her till she bleeds and he doesn’t care what she thinks.

This statement enters her mind and something happens to her, she starts to get turned on even though she’s scared shitless. A feeling she’s never felt and is finding intoxicating, so intoxicating she’s starting to lose control and becoming putty in his hand. But she can’t let him know this. This is horrible, She’s in love and is getting turned on by another man and doesn’t even know who he is or what he looks like. How can this be; how can she feel this way??

Her Pussy starts to drip from the excitement. Her panties drenched from the thought of her getting fucked by a complete stranger. This has only happened in her dreams and now its happening to her in real life.

OH GOD is all she can think, OH GOD just repeating in her mind.

He grabs her by the arms and helps her up. They walk to the couch, and helps her back down to the floor on her knees. He walks around her several times just looking at her just sit there and cry.

He takes a block and sets it on the table beside the couch to sound like the gun, and reaches for his belt. He slowly undoes his belt close to her ear so she can hear it.

She trembles at the sound.

He unbuttons his pants and lets them fall to the ground. This sound frightens her and makes her jump a little.

He grabs her hair and tells her to quit jumping, to take what she deserves the fucking tramp, shaking her fucking ass at him and teasing him. He tells her how he wants to feel himself in her and to fuck her, Fuck her RAW.

She starts to whimper a little more and he lets go.

He tells her he’s going to sit down now and put the gun in his hand and put it to her head, and if she screams he going to kill her. He tells her he has nothing to lose because there’s a pillow he can use to muffle the sound of the gun, so no one would hear it or her.

He tells her to nod if she understands, and she does

He reaches forward and slowly pulls the tape off of her mouth. As he does, he starts to hear her whimpering and feels the tears running down her face.

He grabs her by the hair again and pulls her forward. He asks her if she’s ready to suck his dick. If she’s ready to get fucked. She starts to beg to not do this, Please, oh god please.

He replies ” I AM GOD TO YOU BITCH” and pulls her mouth over his hard Dick and pushes it into her mouth. She moans from the force and starts to pull away a little. He pushes her even further on his dick. She starts to gag, so he knows how far to push her.

He continues to push and pull her hair to make her go up and down on his dick.

It only takes a few minutes and she starts to do what she’s told, and starts to suck on it. She knows she’s beaten and has no way out. And something odd is happening to her, SHES STARTING TO ENJOY IT. So much that he doesn’t have to hold her hair anymore. She’s doing it on her own. Going up and down his shaft, sucking like her life depended on it, cause in her mind it did.

The feeling he’s experiencing is blowing his mind, Oh god can she suck a dick. The best he’s ever had.

He lays back on the couch, just engulfed in ecstasy. Her head furiously going up and down his cock bringing him closer to an orgasm. Her hair just going everywhere. The sound of sucking filling the room. Her breathing getting faster and faster. Herself getting closer to an orgasm.

She was starting to get into it, Enjoying the rock hard Cock in her mouth, sucking on it tasting the salty-sweet precum coming from it, filling her mouth and wetting her appetite.

He gets closer and closer till he’s almost ready to explode in her mouth, But he grabs her hair again and pulls her face up toward the ceiling.

Her breathing is fast and hard. And she’s wondering why he stopped her.

He gets in close to her face and asks her if she thinks she’s good enough to let him cum in her mouth. He tells her he has better plans, he’s going to cum in her pussy, and he’s not going to wear a condom.

She starts to whimper again, but she doesn’t cry. Richard has always been afraid to have kids but he recently decided to get married and have them with Jeanette. So he wasn’t afraid to do it now.

He noticed she was wearing one of the shirts he bought for her. A shirt that showed off her cleavage. He decided it was time to get her another one.

He stood up and finished taking off his shoes. He walks behind her and smells her neck and pushes her head forward. He tells her she’s gorgeous, and that he can’t wait to feel her. He walks back around to the couch and sits down. He takes off his shirt and sets it beside them on the floor.

He leans forward and pulls her shirt forward, exposing her breasts and bra. He tells her, her tits are so wonderful and that he wants to feel them. He grabs her shirt and rips it down the center exposing her chest. She’s wearing a black lace and satin bra, a pushup he thinks because they look even bigger that normal.

When he rips the shirt she gasps, so he grabs her face and starts to yell at her, “I TOLD YOU NOT TO JUMP”. He grabs her bra and rips it off of her, and this hurts her a little because a bra doesn’t rip as easy as a shirt.

Her breasts fly free, exposed to his view, but not only that he grabs one and pinches the nipple, causing her pain and pleasure.
She moans. A feeling of Exhilaration running through her.

He releases her nipple and starts to caress her breast. Rubbing it round and round causing her to shiver from the pleasure. He feels this and continues to rub her breast.

After a few moments, she starts to moan a little.

He stops his rubbing and grabs her hair, and pulls her to him and asks “What, ARE YOU ENJOYING THIS NOW, BITCH???
He yells “WELL, TELL ME”
She whimpers “yes”


She Screams “I DON’T KNOW” and starts to whimper again…

He pulls her toward the hallway.

She starts to fall and he pulls her by her hair back up.

She screams, and he slaps her across the face.

She stops. And just starts to cry again

He grabs her by her arm and pulls her to ward him and then in front of him.

He asks her “Which room is yours?”

She hesitates, whimpering, not knowing what to think or say.

He squeezes her arm harder and asks again, “WHICH ROOM BITCH?”

She whimpers and says “The one on the left”

He forces her into the room, and turns on the light

The room is a nicely furnished room. The floor is a shag blue carpet, the walls are a light blue with red accent and the ceiling is dark blue with star lighting in it. Two wall mirrors on the wall closes to the inside, the outside wall has two Picture windows with curtains that are red. Two dressers are on the sides of the bed in the center of the room.

The bed is a little girls dream. California King size with 4 solid wood pedestals topping of with a veil top with a black and blue veil across the entire bed and a black comforter with black and blue satin sheets and pillows.

He pushes her into the corner, and tells her not to move. He goes to the bed and pulls off the comforter and throws it to the side. He goes out of the room to the closet in the hallway and grabs the tassels he has for some of the curtains through the house. He takes them back to the bedroom and ties them to the pillars on the bed.

He finally finishes getting undressed and goes back over to Jeanette.

He grabs her and pushes her back to the bed. She whimpers and asks “What are you going to do to me??”

He leans in and whispers “I’m going to fuck you till you can’t walk, till you can’t breathe, till you bleed, and then I’m going to fuck you even more. I’m going to fuck you till I cum all in you. I’m going to make sure you take it and like it bitch. I want my fucking cum in you. You like that bitch YOU LIKE THAT NOW?”

She starts to cry and whimper “please, no, oh god don’t. What if you get me pregnant, what if you give me something?”

He screams at her” WELL YOULL JUST HAVE TO TAKE IT BITCH………. NOW FUCKIN SHUT UP” and slaps her again

She starts to cry

This hurts him to do this but he enjoys it at the same time…and now he can tell she’s into it too…

He pushes her onto the bed with her chest facing up. He reaches for her legs. He reaches the tape he used to tie her up and cuts it off of her. He then reaches farther up to her waist and undoes her pants. He then unzips them as far as they will go. Once this is done he pulls them slowly from the foot area. Jeanette usually liked wearing skin tight jeans to show off her ass, so they were a little tight. Being so, he had to wiggle them a little to get them to come off. Once off he tosses them to the floor and then reaches for her legs again. He starts at her feet and begins to slowly run his fingers up her legs, feeling every bump and valley on her,

He pulls her left leg to the side and runs his fingers even farther up her leg, all the way to her drenched panties. He puts his fingers on her panties and begins to rub them right on her clit. This makes her gasp again and tighten up.
Around and around her clit, more and more she gasps and moans. She’s begging “No, Please No. “Just barely over a whisper. Begging him not to. She can’t control herself. She moans out loud.

He can’t believe it, she’s so wet. Her panties are so wet, its’s like they’re not even there. He reaches for his pants and grabs his knife. He places the blade at her neck. She tries to tense up but his fingers are still teasing her clit. She just moans, unable to control herself to his assault. He slides the knife from her neck to her chest, pressing the tip to her skin. Slowly down her chest to between her breasts. She Moans even louder, so he presses a little harder to her chest. A line from the blade showing on her skin, scratching her skin. This is driving her to scream. She can’t control it, no matter how hard she tries. Slowly, down her belly to her panties. The knife now at the side of her under her panties.

He pulls, the panties rip, and Jeanette jumps. He slaps her. He says “Stop” She whimpers as the knife is at her side now, barely touching her, her fight is over. She knows she’s going to be fucked by this man. A man she doesn’t know and hasn’t seen. The bed is wet now with her.

Richard sees this and knows that it is time. He grabs what’s left of her panties, and pulls ripping them off her. She Yelps from the Pain. They’re completely soaked. Every inch. He yells “This will shut you up.” He wraps the panties in a ball and shoves them in her gasping mouth. He grabs the Tape and cuts a piece and sticks it over her mouth again. Now she can moan and scream and no one will be the wiser.
Tears rolling down her face, she’s given up.

He takes his finger and rubs her clit again, this time with no restriction. She can feel it even more now. He takes his finger and rubs her opening, teasing to enter her. Over and over again. He bends down and is inches from her clit. Breathing heavily, she can feel his breathe on her wetness. He lunges forward and licks her clit. Biting and licking and sucking. All while he enters her pussy with his finger. Jeanette screams. She tenses up and pulls on the ropes. They strain.

He continues his onslaught on her as she pulls and fights him, trying to buck him off but it just drives him in even more. HE pulls his finger out and then gets another with it. He stops licking her clit and lowers to her entrance. He pushes both fingers in while his tongue enters and licks. She’s still fighting it, left, right, up, and down to no avail. she’s getting closer and closer, She cant control it. Moans escape her and screams continue, till. She releases, She cums, and just Screams as her body arches. His fingers and mouth covered in her love. Licking it up.
“It’s Time” He says. She’s lying there from her first orgasm. HE gets up and grabs his cock and gets in position. Jeanette still recovering from her orgasm doesn’t notice that he back in front of her between her legs.

He lifts her legs and ass in the air getting his cock ready. He starts to rub it against her clit. She wakes up instantly at the feeling of a dick at her entrance. She shakes her head back and forth saying no to herself. Unable to talk with the panties in her mouth. HE rubs it up and down her entrance causing her to jerk.

Richard looks at her, laying there, helpless. “You little Bitch. You’re such a whore. You get our jollies from me doing this to you” He says. He laughs loud. “Well don’t worry; it’ll all be over soon. And you’ll get a good dicking, Bareback Style” HE laughs. She screams and starts to pull on the ropes again. But its too late. He shoves forward. He enters her unprotected pussy. Balls deep, she arches at the feeling, almost cumming.

He sit s there for a second for her to adjust to him, and then he starts. Out then in, Out then in, coming completely out every now and then to re-enter her and watch her face as she feels him enter.

HE picks up the pace and starts hammering her pussy. She screams a muffled scream. She cums again. He continues his pounding on her, harder and harder. Richard grabs his knife. He reaches for the rope to her feet, he cuts each one and the wraps her feet together. He lifts them while he’s still in her and puts them on his shoulders. Bending them forward toward her head, she can feel him going even deeper into her.

He continues pounding her, harder and harder until he can feel the bottom. He can feel her cervix. She feels it too. She feels him at the entrance to her most guarded area. He doesn’t stop, she’s screaming and moaning and cant talk. But she feels it failing. The onslaught from his dick it breaking the walls of her insides. It finally breaks. He enters her cervix with his hard dick. He’s never been this hard and he can feel her give way. This drives him over the edge.

Hes so close and so is she. He continues fucking her. Unprotected, all the way to her sacred area. The area of babies. He keeps thinking about it and can’t keep it in anymore. HE feels his balls tightening. She can feel it to, his dick swells. Both on the edge. He goes first, his seed flowing from him down his shaft past her entrance to her womb. Exploding into her. This feeling hits her, the feeling of power from him over her, pushes her over the edge. She feels the warmth and power and she loses it. She cums, HARD, on his dick in her, She can feel the two mixing and filling her up, so much more than ever before.

She collapses on the bed. Panting harder than she ever has. Going in and out of consciousness. She can feel him still hard in her. He can feel her throbbing on his dick. He slowly pulls out of her little by little. He can see the cum on his dick.

He sets her legs down on the bed but she flinches when he moves her. He looks at her and gets clos to her ear.”You’ve got a good dicking now, all the way in huh?” He says. She cant even answer shes in so much pain. “Well I think I’ll fuck you again” He says, She immediately wakes up and starts to cry. Moaning at the pain of his onslaught.
Richard goes to the bathroom, turns on the light and gets the shower ready. He gets the water nice and warm.

Richard goes back to her and cuts the ropes holding her hands. He flips her over and handcuffs her hands.

He then grabs her hair and pulls the tape off her mouth and pulls out the panties. She doesn’t scream, she’s still panting. She can hear the shower running.

She asks him why the shower is running. He reples “So when I’m done, I can wash the blood away.”

Jeanette starts to cry again. Richard tapes her mouth again.

He grabs her by her legs and pulls her to the edge of the bed. He grabs her hair and pulls her up off the bed. She stands as she directed and is pushed to walk toward the bathroom.

The bathroom was designed for a Bachler lifestyle. 2 separate sinks, a urinal, a toilet, and a tub. Now the shower was the best part. It had a sitting bench in it for when you were sick and needed a shower. The Shower head has over the top and over where the bench was. The bench was long enough you could lay on it. SO Richard sits Jeanette on the bench with the water flowing over her. She not moving.

Richard goes back and gets the ring. The ring Jeanette had been looking at. He found this out when he was fixing her computer. Her log showed she looked at it a lot. A princess cut with a band of single stones. But Richard had gotten it customized. He had blue sapphires added to the princess middle stone so it wrapped around the stone. It was supposed to emphasize he would protect her. But I think it changed its role tonight.

He goes back to the shower in their room. She laying there enjoying the water while also remember in he’s there to possibly kill her. She hears him come back up. She tries to lean up, but he’s back before she could.

He pushes her back down. Standing over her with a hard-on still. He says” It’s time”

HE gets on hid knees, and pulls her legs over his shoulders. He leans forward and licks her clit again, teasing her. Its swollen. She moans again. He sticks his fingers into her again, slower this time. More loving. She notices this. He plays with her for a little while. Biting, Licking, Sucking. She’s moaning a lot again.

He stops.

He gets on his feet. He grabs her by her hair. He pulls her up to her feet from the bench.

He grabs her arms and finds the handcuffs. He releases the handcuffs and pulls her toward the shower head, he pushes her to the wall and pull her hands to the shower controls. There’s and opening in the frame for the cuffs to fit. He puts the cuffs there and pushes her hands there and re-cuffs her. She bent over in this position with her knees on the bench. Perfectly open from behind.

Richard still being hard comes up behind her. He rubs his dick on her entrance again; She’s sore but knows she can’t fight it. She’s already wet again, mixed from herself and the shower.
Richard rips off the tape on her mouth. The shower is filled with moans form both of them.

Richard slowly enters her from behind. Jeanette Screams from the pain and pleasure of his dick entering her. She feels his every inch entering her. Her head jolts back when he hits her cervix again. He rips off the blindfold while her head is back. She feels this happen and starts to freak out again. She’s going to see him, then he’s going to kill me. She starts to cry again but then stops and moans from his attack.

Richard is slowly going in and out of Jeanette. Bottoming out at her cervix, he can still feel the opening of her inside to allow him in. He’s slowly speeding up his attack on her womb. In and out, over and over.

Jeanette can feel her body giving in again to his attack. She’s s horny from him she forgot all about the threat of death. She’s moaning, over and over. All she can say is oh god, over and over.

Richard is still speeding up and going deeper and deeper. He can feel her getting even wetter.
Jeanette can feel him even deeper, she’s lost all control.

“Fuck me” she screams, “Just Fuck Me” with her eyes closed.

Richard still pounding her from behind, says “your such a whore.” Jeanette replies without even thinking “I’m YOUR Whore”

Richard is about to explode, so is Jeanette. Richard Drops his ruse, and says “You can be, Will you Marry me?”

Richard explodes at the end of the question, Jeanette Screams louder than ever before “YES, YES, YES!” And she follows, they both cum together, and fall on each other in the shower.

Richard grabs the key and unlocks the cuffs, she’s free from his bondage.
He grabs the box with the ring in it, he flips her to a sitting position and gets on his knee. HE opens the box and presents her the ring. “ I Love You more than anything in the world. I know you want kids so that’s why I planned tonight. To give you what you wanted.” He says.

She looks him straight in the eyes. She’s crying, this time not for being scared, but for happiness.

She Says “YES!”

Jeanette Grabs Richard and hugs him all while putting on the ring. She loves it.

She grabs him and kisses him. She runs to the bedroom and puts on a robe. She brags her phone, snaps a pic of it. She calls her mom and Screams “HE ASKED ME, HE FINALLY ASKED ME”…. “YEAH” … “Thanks for telling me we was coming home early”..

Richard Yells “WHAT?”

The end