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Bailey and Jade part 10 READ THE END

2023-01-21 01:33:14

        "Happy birthday sis" Bailey said as the two awoke. Bailey kissed her sister on the nose, and got ready for the day. Jade did the same. When all was prepared, Dylan was waiting at the door.

        "Let's go slowpoke!" He said jokingly. Jade giggled and kissed Dylan on the cheek as she walked passed him out the door. They got into the car and drove to a ranch owned by the father of one of Dylan's friends, and had agreed to let them ride a horse of choice for the day. She was jumpy with excitement, and bounded out of the car. They held hands with interlocked fingers as they walked to the stables. They walked up and down until Dylan heard a slow gasp from his little sister, and turned to see her eyes widen.

        "This one" she whispered, amazed. It was a beautiful, strong brown stallion, with chocolate eyes, and a black tail, with a white diamond shaped patch of fur on his forehead. Dylan led the horse out, and helped Jade on. He climbed on behind her.

        "It's your birthday, so you get to lead, but I'll be right here for you" he said, and wrapped his strong arms around her perfect hips. They started the horse off at a trot, and followed a path in some woods near the ranch. The horse's steps caused them to bounce in a slow rhythm as it trotted along. They took in the scenery, and Dylan slowly rubbed his sister's thigh. She smiled, enjoying every moment. The cool woods, amazing horse ride, and of course, the breath of her older brother touching softly on her neck. The horse's steps caused her to move in such a way that she found it quite enjoyable, as they were riding bareback.

        They sped up, and the rhythm increased in speed. She felt hot, and her breathing increased. She turned and touched her brother's jaw, and leaned back and kissed him. Dylan was surprised, and couldn't figure out what had caused this sudden act of love. He didn't ask, and kissed her back. He continued rubbing her thigh, using his other hand to feel her stomach and breasts. She pushed her tongue into his mouth, and he obliged. They explored and tasted each other's mouths. Jade blushed and felt herself become more flustered as the horse was now at a slow run. They continued kissing, and the event turned from peaceful to fiery and passionate. Her breathing quickened.

        "Are you alright?" Dylan asked, a little concerned as her breath quickened. "More than" she answered, and bit his ear softly. He kissed her neck and collar. He moved his hand from her thigh to the rim of her jeans, and pressed inside. He felt her hot and her underwear was wet. He then figured it out. It was the horse! He sped the stallion up to a gallop, and a small moan escaped her lips. The fast, smooth bouncing and moving rhythm of the horse was what was causing this. She returned the favor and stuck her hand into his jeans, and grabbed him. Dylan shuddered as she rubbed him, and he did the same. He sped the horse to its maximum, and she only kissed him and grabbed him harder as this drove her mad with pleasure. He felt her finally release, and the feeling of her wetness on his hand caused him to do the same. She pulled her hand out and cleaned it, and he did the same. They had grown accustomed to the taste of all their siblings at this point, but still loved it. They continued the ride, tired and content, and brought the horse back to the stable. They got in the car, and Dylan let her sit on a small cloth, as her jeans had been pretty much ruined. She smiled.

        "Thank you, that was the best gift ever big brother, I love you" he smiled, happy to help her in more ways than one, and thought about her the whole ride home. Jade, now 16, growing up fast.

        She returned home to her family, and they had a wonderful party, eating, drinking, laughing. At one point Bailey smeared an entire piece of cake onto her kitty, and said "Enjoy". Jade did so, and ate that cake until it came on her face. She sat up smiling, her face covered in frosting and her sister's cum. When they had all settled down, Jade was out cold from the long day she had had.

        Bailey led Dylan to her room, and they sat down. It was no longer awkward as no one wore clothes in the house anymore, and they could have conversation without it getting in the way. (But that was about to change, sorry spoiler haha) "I know you enjoy both your younger sister and I, but we've really never had a chance to be together one on one, and I want to try something I only trust you with". As she said this, she grabbed Dylan's limp dick, which sprung to life. His eyes widened, and they laid down on the bed. He grabbed her sister's beautiful breasts, and played with them. What she lacked in ass, she made up in that category. He rubbed his thumbs over her now rock hard nipples, and she almost came right there from the sensual foreplay. She held back though.

        When they were good and ready, Bailey pulled her legs up and toward her, exposing herself. Dylan was about to dive in when Bailey stopped him. "No big brother, THIS is what I wanted to try" she said, pointing to her asshole. Dylan raised his eyebrow, and his breath quickened with excitement. He had always wanted to try, and Sage refused to let him. He placed his middle finger on her pink rim, and rubbed firmly but not hard, relaxing her. He used his tongue as well and rimmed her. When he saw her open up, he slid his finger in. He moved it around in circles to loosen her anal walls. She groaned with pleasure. She had done this herself in the shower with small bottles, but this was so much different, so much better.

        When he had four fingers in with wiggle room, he questioned her with his eyes one last time, and she nodded. He placed his cock into her, and slowly pressed forward. God it was so tight, and warm too. Then he realized something. It was clean. VERY clean. His sister had given herself an enema just for him! When she was used to it, he built up a rhythm and pumped into his sister's ass, and her moans turned to cries. She loved the feeling of her ass filled like this, the head of his cock touching her bowels as he thrust in, pushing her legs toward her until she was bent in half. She came, spraying love juice all over her belly and face. Thus caused her to tighten back up, and squeeze Dylan's cock. That pushed him over the edge, and he came harder than he had even in his life, filling his sister with hot jizz.

        He shuddered as he pulled out with a small "pop". Her ass still had a very sexy gaping hole, and he could see cum dripping from it, and past her legs he could see his sister panting. She relaxed her body, and laid flat. He crawled over to her, and licked her face and belly clean, pausing at each of her mounds and kissing the hard pink tips of them.

        "God that was amazing big brother, I love you so much" Bailey said when she had recovered. He smiled, and replied "Happy to help sis." He almost came again as she scooped the cum from her otherwise clean butthole, and tasted it with her eyes closed, suckling her finger. He left her to enjoy herself, and went to bed, tired but happy from loving both his sisters.


We all love our beautiful incestuous horny devils, Bailey, Jade, Dylan, Sage, Emily, Johnathan, Alex, and Drake, and I would love to keep the series going! It's quite hard to think up content though, and I've tried to give a little of everything. PLEASE COMMENT BELOW character match ups (Hell make up a new character and tell me his or her place in the plot) you would like to see with a basic outline of the scenario, with anything specific you would like. I'm cool with any fetishes, the kinkier the better! (the exception being scatology, I really just don't want to write that, watersports is fine) I will be taking the most popular suggestions, and if there is no popular ones, I will take the one I like best, and write in a shout out to who's idea it was in the beginning of the story, (I give credit where it is deserved) Thank you SOOOOOO much for reading, and PLEASE COMMENT what you want to see!!!!