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The Club pt 6 - Mary and Beth 2

2022-08-02 00:00:03

Mary and Jeff had been married for almost 25 years now. Their anniversary was coming up in less than a month on November 1. Their neighbors, Beth and Derrick like themselves, were in the Bondage and Discipline Club lifestyle and were swapping friends who lived right next door. Their bondage life style had led the four of them over 25 years ago to purchase the other apartment on the floor and turn it into a playhouse complete with rings and racks and completely soundproof.
Jeff and Derrick had retired from the same company just last spring. Money was not a problem since they were both receiving very large retirement checks. Mary also did not have to worry about Derrick and Beth remembering the anniversary date since it was the exact same as theirs. They had gotten married together on the same day. Another cog in the togetherness lifestyle they had created for themselves. And Mary was looking forward to being able to completely return to that lifestyle. She had missed the completeness of it since they had had the children.
About two years after they had wed, Beth gave birth to Amber. Three months later, Mary had Kathleen. Two years after that, Mary had Tracy and Beth followed in four months with Sara. Since they wished to really share their lives together, Jeff was Sara’s father and Derrick was Tracy's. This made all the girls half sisters. The parents explained their lifestyle and decisions to the girls so they could understand. However, they opted to curtail their Bondage and Discipline Club lifestyle so as to not force that lifestyle on the girls.
The girls had grown up happy, strong, beautiful, and very intelligent. In fact, each of them had earned a full scholarship to college. And this is where they were now, in college, doing great. Each engaged to a man a good head on his shoulders. They were now all over 20.
Mary and Beth had been taking about what to do about their 25th anniversary when the girls requested that they with their men have a family dinner with them that evening instead of a large celebration. This sounded great and they agreed. Tracy told her mother that the four couples were going to a Halloween party that afternoon so they would be arriving in costume.
The day arrived and around 2:30, the girls and their fiancées arrived ail decked out from the party. Amber was with Steve, Kathleen with Joseph, Tracy with Roger and Sara with Dale. Every time the girls and boys came over, Beth and Mary giggled at the group. The reason was that the marriage between these kids would cause a great deal of confusion since Dale and Steve were brother as were Roger and Joseph. What a tangled family relationship this would cause.
All of the girls arrived wearing a funny wig on their head. The fellows went and changed as the girls talked with their parents. When the boys came back, the family spent the time talking about Mary, Beth, Jeff and Kevin's lifestyle and when if ever they might go back to it. Mary was the first to speak when she told them that she had really missed it and wanted to start back as soon as they could. The others agreed. After another 30 minutes of taking and discussions, they girls excused themselves to change out of their costumes and get ready for the evening, as Sara put it. This left the parents with the boys.
About 10 minutes later, Steve got a beep on his beeper. As he looked at the number, he smiled and began. He told the parents that he and the other fellows and the girls had decided to give the parents something very special for their 25th anniversary. He announced that they had all agreed that next year on November 1, they all wanted to get married on the same day, thus giving the family only one anniversary date. The parents thought this was a wonderful idea and told them it would make them very happy. Joseph went on to say that this was only part of the gift. He said that all the boys and the girls would like for them to initiate them into the Bondage and Discipline Club lifestyle.
Jeff and Derrick were even more surprised than Mary and Beth. The parents then asked if they knew what this meant and if they really wanted to do this. All of the boys said that they did really want this! The guys explained they had already experimented with bondage and discipline and had studied what living a lifestyle like this would mean. Jeff and Derrick finally said that OK, that when they were ready, they would help them.
At this, Roger whistled and the girls came back into the room. All four of the parents really went into shock now. All four of the girls were dressed in the manner all slaves of the Club were required to dress. The girls were wearing black linen skirts, 2 inches above their kneecaps, silk blouses with lapels pressed down to the first button below the lower curve of their breasts, black 4-in stiletto pumps and hose. The wigs had covered the fact that the girls had all had their hair done up in French twists and had bangs and all were now wearing 3-in gold loop earrings. Under the skirts, all the girls had on was a garter belt. As they stared in astonishment again, the girls said in unison, "No time like the present".
The boys went on to say that this was the gift they wanted to give their parents on the 25th wedding anniversary. The joy of initiating them into the lifestyle of Bondage and Discipline Club tonight. The parents didn't speak for almost ten minutes as they watched and also admired their daughters. They were all standing tall and beautiful and seemed to really want to do this. Derrick then said that they would do as the girls wished and they would remember this for the rest of their lives.
At this, the four girls came over and knelt in front of their fathers with their hands behind their backs and their heads bowed and said "Please Master Fathers, take our virgin cunts and virgin asses as our gifts." Kathleen handed her father the nipple piercing kit along with the four gold rings and diamonds. Before the parents could say a word, the men knelt in from of the women and said "Please implore your husbands and lovers to take their daughters and their offered virginity as our anniversary gifts to you."
Roger then went on to say that the girls had gotten out of Pam everything that normally happened at one of the initiation and if they would consider it, the boys had designed a schedule that they would like to see in place of the standard. This they asked since these were their daughters and the boys wanted to show that they loved both their fiancées and the parents. Jeff and Derrick took the schedule and read it very closely. After a bit, they asked the boys it this was really what they expected to happen and they replied they did. Jeff and they confirmed that the schedule was OK.
The men looked at their daughters and then at their wives and then they smiled. They then all went to the Recreation room to begin. Once in the Recreation room, Mary and Beth were order to strip. This they of course did with no hesitation. At least not outwardly! Inwardly, this was going to be a very new experience since their daughters were now there. Jeff then instructed the girls to remove their clothes. As they did, the two could only stare in wonder and admiration for their daughters. Jeff then said that since the girls were already committed to being slaves, the first two sessions would be skipped and the next step would be to bind the girls and whip them. The boys had decided that each girl would get 15 strokes from each of the other girls' men. Each of the girls would get 20 strokes from each of the mother. Then each girl would receive 25 strokes from her own man and each girl would get 50 strokes from each father. This made a total of 190 strokes. All of the girls and both women gasped when the number was said. Further, Derrick went on, Mary and Beth would be whipped using the whipping rack and each receive 5 strokes from each young man and 25 strokes from Jeff and Derrick. Then, Derrick said after a brief silent pause, Mary and Beth will then be put on the whipping rack backward and given the same number on the front. Both Mary and Beth whimpered beneath their breath at this.
It took a while for all the strokes to administered to all the girls and to Mary and Beth. After the salve was applied to the welts and hot tea for all the women, everyone set and talked for a while. Jeff and Derrick again asked the girls if they really wanted to give up their virginity to them rather than to their fiancées. And after they again said yes. They questioned the boys on why they would let this happen. Because they said, “We love the girls and this is what they really want. They have been discussing this between themselves and with us for over two years now. Second, we respect and love you and know you would not hurt your daughters. Third, we really want this to be our lifestyle and we want it to start, right”.
Mary and Beth were then ordered to take the girls to the bedroom to get them ready. Jeff informed all the girls that while they were getting their baths, the bedroom would be rearranged for tonight, all the girls would be in the same room at the same time and would see all that happened to each other. In addition, for this night, the boys and Mary and Beth would also be in the room to watch all the happenings. Mary's head and Beth's head both turned quickly to their husbands on hearing this since they had never watched an initiation, only experienced it.
When the women returned from the bathroom where they had taken a bath, washed, dried and redone their hair, they found the men had rearranged the room and they were seated in chairs positioned so that they could watch all the happenings. In addition to the four beds for the girls, there were two beds for Mary and Beth. After Mary and Beth bound their own daughters as a sign of acceptance of their desire for this lifestyle, the boys bound their future mothers-in-laws.
After all the women were bound, Jeff and Derrick then told the boys that although the schedule said they were to shave the asses and cunts of the girls, that they felt that honor would go to them. Then the women were bound face down on the bed and their asses were shaved. Steve shaved Amber, Joseph shaved Kathleen, Roger shaved Tracy and Dale shaved Sara. To keep in the spirit of things. Derrick shaved Beth and Jeff shaved Mary. The women were then released and rebound face up and their pubic hair was shaved.
When finished, Jeff again asked the girls if they were still ready for this, and in one voice, they answered "Yes master". The girls were asked if they were ready to receive the nipple rings as the sign of a slave in the Club. They all answered. “Yes Master.” The ring and diamond was then permanently attached to their right nipple. Jeff then told the girls that the boys had decided the order in which the girls would lose their virginity. Thus Jeff took Kathleen's and then Sara's while Derrick took Amber's and then Tracy's. As the men did this, the boys fucked their future mother-in-laws in the cunt. Thus Steve and Dale had Beth and Joseph and Roger had Mary.
After the girls had had their virginity taken, they were left bound to sleep. The next morning, the boys released the women from the beds but not their bonds and took them to the bathrooms to let them relieve themselves and for the boys to shave them again. This time though, Steve shaved Sara, Joseph shaved Tracy, Roger shaved Kathleen, and Dale shaved Amber. Steve and Dale then shaved Beth and Joseph and Roger shaved Mary. After that, all went downstairs for breakfast with Jeff and Derrick. Boy was that fun with all the men having to feed the women. Almost like being waited on.
After breakfast, everyone went back to the bedroom and all the girls were again bound face down on the bed. Jeff and Derrick then proceeded to take their anal virginity. Derrick took Sara's and then Kathleen's. Jeff took Tracy's and then Amber's. At the same time, Steve and Dale took Beth's ass and Joseph and Roger took Mary's ass.
At this point Jeff informed the women the rest of the initiation schedule by the guys. He told them that later on that afternoon, He and Derrick would be returning to take the cunts and asses of the girls they had not had while the boys would be sharing Mary and Beth again. Then they would be completely released for dinner, after which they would again be bound for the night.
Jeff went on that since the guys had allowed their women’s virginity and anal virginity to be taken by Derrick and himself and to prove that the girls really wanted this lifestyle, they had decided that each woman, included Mary and Beth would have to go through the initiation sequence by each and every man.
The women gasped! “But?” said Beth. “Are you saying that you will each take our ass, then our cunt, then our mouth, and then our ass again?” Derrick replied, “Slave, for asking a question without permission has just gotten you another ride on the whipping rack backwards. But the answer to your question is ‘Yes’. Over the next 3 days they be what happens. However, the guys have been nice enough to allow you slaves the privilege to be released every morning for breakfast and then every evening for dinner. By dinner time 5 of us will have had you. After dinner, you will be rebound for the 6th one, your own, and then bed.
After all this had transpired, the women were allowed to rest the next morning. After lunch, all went to the Recreation room. Jeff told the girls the last step for them was the whipping rack. He had expected some comments out of the girls over this but he got none. He then asked them why there wasn't any. The four girls again kneeled in front of Jeff and Derrick. Kathleen spook up and said, "Father Master, we have gladly allowed ourselves to be whipped. We have gladly given you, our fathers, our virginity both in our cunts and our asses. We have had our men take our asses, cunts and mouths and the asses, cunts and mouths of our sisters. We have watched our mothers be taken by you and our men in their asses, cunts, and mouths. We have shared all these things with them as sisters. But to make our commitment to the lifestyle complete. We knew that we would have to take the whipping rake. We realize that the normal initiation included the rack after the whipping but because of our virginity, we had asked our men to delay it. But it is now time, and to show you. Father Masters, our slave kin mothers, and our soon-to-be Masters, we really want this, we all freely request that we be placed on the rack. We request that each of you, our Father Masters, administer 50 strokes each and we further ask that our own soon-to-be Masters administer 100 strokes. We also request that at the end of those 200 strokes that we be placed on the rack backwards and our soon-to-be Masters administer 100 strokes. With this we feel we can say we will show we are worthy of being called a slave"
And so it came to pass that they had to move. The apartment was not large enough for the 6 couples living there. And the party room had to grow by almost 10 times. But we are all happy in out Bondage and Discipline Club lifestyle.