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Great Things Come From Nice Packages_(0)

2022-01-19 02:00:03

Tyreek and Candy had a great physical and mental relationship and wanted to be around each other all the time. Tyreek and Candy both were unemployed so they got to spend all day everyday with each other which, was perfectly fine with them. They spent there days having hot, erotic sex. One day Candy wanted to try to give Tyreek oral sex because with all the hot sex they had neither one had ever given oral sex to the other person. Now Candy didn't want to just come out and say I want to do some oral sex today she wanted to suprise Tyreek. Tyreek was out running errands and that gave Candy the perfect opportunity to get her mind going on the setup for her surprise oral sex session. She was getting hot thinking about giving Tyreek some great head. Just to think of how he would react to her mouth being around his big dick made her all hot and bothered. Candy thought to herself I need to stop thinking and get this done before he comes home and its too late. Candy decided she wouldset up a kind of treasure hunt for Tyreek to follow to get to the place Candy would set up for her oral sex session. She set a note on the front door that said take the steps needed to get to the living room and you will find your next clue. Next she set a note on the television that said hit play on the DVD player and sit back and get all nice and ready, when your ready go into the upstairs bathroom. She then put a note on the bathroom mirror that said now that your all ready for me put on the cologne that I have sitting in the cabinet its the one that makes my senses go crazy, then go into the bedroom and sit down on the couch and the gift you worked so hard to find will be there waiting for you. Just as Candy finished up her surprise she heard Tyreek pull into the driveway. Tyreek walked to the frontdoor and saw a note he read it and followed the directions. He thought to himself Candy comes up with some kinky stuff but this is something else. Tyreek then read the note on the television and turned on the DVD in the DVD player and Candy and his favorite interracial porn was on. He started stroking his big dick to get ready for what Candy might have planned, thinking about that itself made his dick hard as a rock. Tyreek then went into the bathroom, followed the directions to put the cologne on and by this time his dick was throbbing it was so hard. Tyreek went into the bedroom and sat down and saw a big bottle of throat numbing spray and couldn't figure out what it was doing there when they had never done oral sex at all. Just then Candy came out of their walk in closet and grabbed the throat numbing spray, sprayed it into her mouth, walked over to Tyreek and grabbed his big, hard dick and she began to suck his dick. Licking the tip all the way to the base, putting it all in her mouth going down and up at a steady pace. Sucking the tip making Tyreek's toes curl. Candy was sucking Tyreek's dick like she was a professional. Tyreek's mind was going from one sexual thought to another. Just when Tyreek was about to cum all in Candy's mouth he stopped her and took her to their bed, laid her down and started licking her pussy. Little did Candy know he was going to do this to her but it was feeling great. Tyreeks was licking and sucking on her clit making Candy's legs shake. It was driving her crazy in such a great way. Just as Candy was about to cum Tyreek switched up what he was doing and stuck his tongue deep into her pussy and had Candy begging for some dick. Candy was yelling please fuck me Tyreek please! So Tyreek just kept on licking and sucking on her pussy to make her beg more. His plan was for her to cum all in his mouth then fuck her until she squirted all over. He was enjoying this new oral sex session they had tried out and was planning on doing a little of it every time they would make love from now on he decided he was going to make this a everyday thing. Just as he started licking and sucking her clit he got an idea to start playing with her g-spot. This made Candy absolutely nuts. She was screaming and moaning out of pleasure. Finally Candy started to squirt like a water fountain and as she was squirting she was screaming screams that Tyreek had never heard before. It was awesome he thought. By this point Candy was screaming at Tyreek to fuck the shit out of her. Rather than denying her wishes, and denying his throbbing dick some pleasure, Tyreek flipped Candy over with her ass up and face down and shoved his dick all the way into Candy's pussy. She begged for him to go harder and deeper. Tyreek wanted things his way this time he was going to go hard for a while then nice and gentle just to make her beg for a different way. Tyreek was now starting to get the feeling like he was going to cum so he asked candy how she wanted it and she yelled out fuck me Tyreek fuck me hard and deep so I feel it in my stomach. Tyreek fucked her hard and deep and just as Tyreek started to cum, Candy came all over Tyreeks dick as well. It was nothing unusual for them to cum at the same time it just seemed so much better this time. Tyreek and Candy ended up doing oral sex every time they made love it just made things better and more exciting. They continued to have a strong relationship mentally and physically and were always trying new things in the bedroom. You could say they were almost perfectly happy, almost, because no ones perfect.