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Alone Time With My Horse

2021-11-26 02:00:03

My name is Jane and im the average everyday country bumpkin riding horses going to rodeos drinking rum sculling beers that’s me and to think I can do all this at the age of 17, as you already know Im a rouge cowgirl I lost my virginity to some bogan guy in the back of his ute when I was 15 and between then and now ive been laid at almost every rodeo I go to that’s about 3 or 4 times a month.

I recently graduated from using protection to going raw I also managed to have cum shot in my mouth and let it dribble out all over myself instead of having it squirted directly on my tits, I always had big tits im very proud of them.

Tonight was another rodeo and I was really keen to be fucked but my period came a little early and I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied sucking dick so I decided to be a man so to speak and take it up the ass I went around to find a sexy little cowboy preferably younger with a smaller dick for my first time with anal .

I found a guy who was here with his parents he was 16 he seemed a little buzzed but I don’t want him to remember having sex with me in case he rats me out.

I challenged him to a beer bong challenge, for those who don’t know what it is it’s a big jug of beer connected to a tube and you have to skull it down, the guy happily accepted my challenge and introduced himself as Tony.

Tony and I held the tubes at our mouths and at the count of three we downed the beer I took it down my throat way before he did, by the time he downed his beer he was already smashed enough to be fucked luckily for me my alcohol tolerance is high.

I led Tony towards an empty barn and pushed him to a wall making out with him and quickly undressing him I took his 5 inch cock in my hand jerking it feeling it harden in my hand I went down between his legs sucking his cock making sure I deepthroat it very well so it will slide into my ass, Tony soon took over pushing his cock deeper down my throat I tried to slow him down but it was to late that beer I downed earlier worked its way up and vomited all over his cock, i wasted no time for him to see my vomit on his cock if it wasn’t lubed before, me vomiting on his cock definitely will lube him up.

I layed down pulling him on top of me positioning his cock at the opening of my asshole I bucked at Tony urging him to push further, my vomit on his cock helped the head of his cock pop into my ass further sliding the rest of him inside me at this point i think this guy is so drunk he doesn’t know where his dick is.

I pushed Tony’s ass causing his dick to dig deeper in my ass getting him into a rhythm to fuck me he soon caught up with my method and started thrusting into my ass I started moaning softly slowly struggling with the pain of having dick in my ass.

Tony’s moans soon turned into grunts as he thrusted into my ass harder putting my pressure on my asshole causing me to bite my lip and rub my pussy to counteract the pain with the matched pleasure it was hard to do as I am on my period but I have no choice either im gonna give up the pain and live without having dick in me or put up with the pain and be satisfied with having dick in me.

I felt Tony’s cock expand in my ass and shoot ropes after ropes of cum inside my ass the feeling of having cum splashed inside my asshole was worth waiting through the painful pleasure I felt all heated on the insides.

I removed his now shit stained cock from my ass and rolled him over and made my way back to the crowd that was enough dick for me for a while lightly rubbing my sore cum filled ass.

Over the next few days I spent my time at my farm attending to my horses prepping them for their next races, as much as I loved being with my horses I at the same time I hated it because when its always at my grandparents farm and they live in the middle of nowhere so I had no guys to hook up with whenever I need some form of sexual relief.

It was a fine Sunday afternoon I sat there brushing my horses tail and then with a sudden woosh of air I could feel myself getting horny again this is the problem with being on my period I can go from calm and relaxed to extremely horny in a second I reached into my panties and started gently rubbing my clit while I continued brushing my horse I went in a little deeper to where my tampon was inserted I removed it and chucked it away and replaced it with my finger I pulled my finger out of my pussy and saw that its stained with the crimson texture of my period blood I don’t know why but I wanted to taste myself even though my finger was coated with my blood.

I could smell the metal in my blood as I brought it closer to my lips till it went fully in my mouth at first I didn’t taste anything so I kept digging my finger like a chip and dip the taste was sorta sweet mixed with my blood and girl juices it wasn’t at all the best kind of sweetness but it was turning me on knowing how wrong this is I layed back on the ground forgetting that there was a pile of horse shit I looked at my back seeing that it was covered in shit but knowing I was getting even more dirty with such filth it just made my hand rub my clit even faster till I brought myself to a messy orgasm squirting a splash of blood all over between my legs.

I looked at myself covered in period blood and horse shit I didn’t even bother to go get cleaned up I just stripped my clothes and resumed back to lying in the pool of shit and blood and rolled around like a pig I was covered from head to toe in shit I could even feel specks of shit hit my lips I swobbed my tongue over my lips capturing the horrid smelling substance and tasting it for myself the taste was as shitty as shit can be really strong and bitter but it did nothing but continue making me more wet till I found my hand back between my legs again.

I rubbed my crimson stained clit trying to get myself of a second time but it just wasn’t cutting it I needed dick inside me and it doesn’t help that I am in the middle of nowhere but then I had the most sickest idea an idea that would make me look like a sick twisted pig, I went over to my horse and walked around him looking in between his legs and saw his half erect cock it was about the size of a fully erect human cock I thought to myself a horse wouldn’t say anything nor could a horse get me pregnant maybe I just found a way.

I tied my horse near the wooden pole where I normally keep them tied and moved underneath the horse and just sat there looking at his cock deciding how I should go about this I reached out to grab the head of the shaft and moved it up and down like I would with a normal human cock.

After a few minutes of pumping the long meaty shaft my horse was kicking his hooves back and fourth and neighing getting louder as I pumped till I felt a knot inside his cock flow out and shoot out a giant burst of cum all over my face it was definitely bigger than a human load it was like somebody throwing a bucket of water in my face I could taste the cum on my lips as soon as I opened my mouth more cum dripped from my face and made its way into my mouth hitting the tastebuds on my tongue making me even wetter knowing im having an animals cum in my mouth.

I swabbed as much cum from my face as I could into my mouth swallowing every drop that landed on my tongue the cum actually tasted a lot more flavourful than a normal guys cum but when I think about it I was never really a fan of swallowing guys cum in the first place I normally let the guy cum in my mouth and spit it into my hand.

I continued laying down under my horse for a few more minutes covered in horse shit, period blood and now horse cum staring at my horses limp cock wondering what I should do next with him.

I went around to the back of my horse and thought about his asshole it was dirty from his recent load of shit it smelt horrible and looked all wrinkled and puffy but seeing as how disgusting looking It was it was giving me dirty thoughts and releasing more moisture to my pussy and it would definitely give me something to do while im waiting for my horses cock to get hard again.

I went through my accessories in a nearby chest and found a hairbrush it I probed my horses ass with the brush it slipped right in but the horse didn’t really seemed phased by it but then I realised horses are used to having a whole arm up their ass we do this to check for babies its normally done wearing an arm length rubber glove.

I went to poke my hand through my horses ass his ass engulfed my fist and my arm slid all the way in up to my elbow this caused the horse to jump a little he was acting like hes never had an arm inside him before but then I felt really dumb this is a male horse its not use to being checked for babies I pulled my elbow deep arm out of the horses ass and saw that my arm was covered in fresh shit and ass juices I looked at my fingers as they had a light wet coat of slimy shit on it I knew I wanted to taste shit as well as being covered in it I put that dirty finger in my mouth and tightened my lips around the end and withdrew my finger from my mouth sucking the shit clean of and instantly swallowing it down.

I continued licking up and down my arm licking of the horse shit swallowing the bitter squishy shit the smell and taste was sickening testing my gag reflex I managed to hold myself together cleaning my arm my body was trying its best to reject the incoming filth I was swallowing I layed back and slid a finger in my ass pushing the slick horse shit inside my ass and pulling out a finger covered in my shit and the horse shit I brought the finger back to my mouth and got 2 completely different horrid flavours of shit I continued dipping my fingers in my ass then back into my mouth then I went for it I grasped my horse and dove my tongue deep in his black meaty shit stained ass.

The more I probed my tounge into my horses ass the more the horse clenched and pushed he made one final push and I felt a hot substance push against my lips forcing me back a bit and covering my lips with a small puddle of liquid horse shit a good amount of it made its way in my mouth past my tounge and down my throat my gag reflex had no chance that shit that went down my throat went straight up and vomited all over my horses ass I was so fucking horny at this point I continued licking my thrown up horse shit of my horses ass while reaching around and fondling his balls.

I could feel my horses cock spring back to life feeling his insides turn I got excited at this feeling and I think my horse did to neighing really loud but what was I gonna do with this cock so many ideas were in my head I really wanted to be fucked and the blood dripping from my period stained fuck hole will provide perfect lubrication for his big 11inch cock .

I crouched over under my horse and bent over exposing my pussy grabbing my horses shaft and trying my best to stuff it inside me it kept folding out of my pussy and pressing against my asshole at this point I don’t care witch hole it gets in I just want to be fucked.

My horses cock swished from hole to hole till the head of its cock got caught in my asshole I pushed back furtherer towards my horse forcing the cock to go inside me inch by little inch I felt my asshole tear open as It went deeper I went as deep as I could till the pain was to much I slowly leant back and fourth doing all the work slowly buttfucking myself with my horses cock I could feel blood dripping from the corners of my asshole lubbing his cock even more making it even more lubbed causing him to fuck me harder and faster tearing my ass open making me lose balance falling onto the ground I couldn’t handle the pounding my ass was getting I turned around and laid on my back and let the horse guide his cock back into my pussy and slipped right in like a glove now the horse knew he had some pussy he began bucking as hard as could he was a race horse so it was pretty fucking hard the moans that were coming from my mouth were more or less a merge of pain and pleasure he was at the point where his cock was banging against my cervix he still had at least 4 more inches to shove inside me I want to go that extra 4 inches I wanna be able to handle a whole horse cock inside me.

I grabbed my horses cock and pulled myself in more feeling the head of his cock push through the entrance of my cervix feeling more and more immense stabbing pain as he pounded its way through that tiny entrance in my cervix it felt like pushing a a cucumber through a keyhole the head of my horses cock was the size of a mandarin literally that size not even kidding he was just as keen to fit that head furtherer as I was so I continued pulling into him biting my lip harder putting through the pain till I felt the biggest most painful pain I could possibly feel I felt my cervix rip open accommodating the head of my horses cock pushing its way deeper inside me till that 4 inches was inside my body buried deep into my pussy deep up my cervix I was weak at this feeling causing my vision to fade my stomach was gurgling at the feeling of the cock inside me I could see the outline of the horse cock in my stomach pushing into me giving me the urge to vomit pushing the remaining horse shit in my stomach up towards my throat till my mouth opened and vomited all over myself followed by a loud moan yelling out for the horse fuck me till I felt a really powerful blast inside me jetting all the way up inside my stomach my horse blew a big horseload of cum inside me and knowing that each load of horse sperm is roughly between 2 and 3 litres.

The tunnel the horse cock made inside me was getting filled with cum forcing the big horse cock out of me followed by a pool of cum flowing out of me I could feel it travel down my stomach tube down my cervix through my broken pussy and out onto the ground.

I couldn’t bare to sit my pussy and ass and stomach felt destroyed I could feel a large amount of blood flow out of me following the cum the horse definitely did puncture something inside me I had to do something to stop the flow I went into my horses snack box and pulled out 2 carrots I plugged on inside me like a tampon and gave the other one to my horse as an after sex snack the weird thing was the whole entire carrot fit inside me without any struggle.

I looked at my very dirty watch and saw that it was almost dinner time and I know my family will come looking for me for dinner I was covered in shit , vomit , dirt and cum I needed to get presentable lucky for me there is a makeshift shower in the barn I stripped naked and went over under the water spout and let the hot water wash away all the bodily fluids of me I could see my horse watching me he was really focussed on me I decided to be a tease and rub my boobs and stroke the only part of my pussy that looked intact witch was my clit doing this till I was 100% clean I emerged my naked body from the shower and went to grab my riding gear seeing as it was the only clean clothes I got lying around.

As I walked towards my clothes I still felt really horny from touching myself in the shower earlier but I had no time to get messy and was to sore to take a pounding and I was sure my horse was spent for the day looking at him but noticing a large erect cock between his legs looks like I wasn’t the only one that got horny with that little shower scene.

I starred at my horse feeling really bad for eachother not being able to fuck but I had one final idea I sat in front of the huge hairy horse cock and rubbed the head softly taking one big gulp before taking its massive head in my mouth I could just fit the head and an inch or 2 in my mouth till it hit the back of my throat I sucked as deep as I could taking my horses cock deeper down my throat making me gag uncontrollably throwing up within each inch I take vomiting out of the corners of my mouth I sucked it up and took a tight grip of his shaft and sucked harder and faster giving the most effort ive ever put in anything in my life.

After about a minute or 2 at sucking the large cock expanded in my mouth and poured a giant torrent of cum in my mouth the stream was so powerful the cum sprayed out of any spaces out of my mouth it could I drank as fast as it flowed in my mouth It was like sculling a goon bag except this liquid I was chugging was a lot more thick and salty.

I kept drinking my horses cum till I couldn’t take any more and let it flow out of my mouth coating my lower lip and chin.

I heard a voice calling me up from the house that dinner was ready I wiped the horses cum of my mouth and ran to dinner and acted like I wasn’t doing the most fucked up shit known to any woman.

A few days later I was having really bad pains in my stomach I know something was definitely broken inside me and after having several x-rays and medication it was confirmed that having that huge horse cock inside my pussy has destroyed my ability to have kids not to mention my asshole was permanently bigger and I have to retrain my muscles to stop myself from shitting myself.

My parents were clueless as to what was the cause of what happened to me I just told them it might be from riding to many horses they took it the non sexual way but in my mind I knew exactly what I ment and on the plus side I have become a lot more popular at rodeo’s not being able to fall pregnant and being able to have several dicks fit inside my ass I would always come home with cum pouring out of me but I never ever once neglected my horse, now every time I come to my farm house I would spend countless hours with my horse getting my holes destroyed and getting covered in all the filth I so desperately craved.