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Penthouse Slaves Series: Jess

2022-05-12 00:00:04

I walked through the living room. Girls in outfits that would make their daddies cringe lay on every surface. Teenage girls dressed as slutty maids, pigtailed schoolgirls and raver sluts stared wide eyed at me as I walked between them.
Jess was laying on the couch with her tight ass sticking up in the air. She was a tall pale redhead with big blue eyes and tiny pouty lips. Her body is toned from years of swimming and today she was wearing blue tigerskin lingerie, three sizes too small as always.
I slap her barely covered ass, and she gasps in a high squeak. I loom over her young toned body and watch her eyes go wide as a faded red handprint appears on her tiny teen asscheek. The first of many.
I don’t have to speak. She rises without command or question, her eyes to the floor as she follows me to the bedroom.
I close the door and lock it, leaving her to stand on stilettos and dread what lies ahead. Silently I returned to her side and began encircling her, admiring every inch of my teen fucktoy. I own her. I own her d cup breasts and the tight teen stomach adorned with a belly button ring. I own her small hips and the long legs that allow me to fuck her standing up, with heels on of course.
But most of all I own her glistening lips, both on her innocent face and in that place between her legs where she will earn her worth.
Her young chest is pushing the undersized bra to the limit. The thin fabric can barely contain her plump teen tits. The bra is held together with three hooks and as I start to play with them Jess begins to shake.
I unlatch the first of three, causing her tits to jump and jiggle. I undo the second and her tits bounce violently as they lose support. Her plump d cup breasts are forcing their way out of the tiny bra. The final hook bends under the stress, unable to contain her young bust.
I snap off the final hook in a quick motion. Suddenly free, her tits spring forward before settling upright on her chest. They are perfect. As big as my palm and so perky you would swear they have a deal with gravity. The bra falls away and they stand at attention, bouncing ever so slightly as Jess’ breath quickens.
“Touch your elbows slut.” I commanded from behind her. Her hands drift behind her back and her perfectly plump tits rise as she brings her elbows together as tightly as possible. I reached around her body and grab a tit in each hand, groping them like an animal. I squeeze, I slap, I pinch and I play with her young chest until I know one thing for sure. She has changed. I sent her to see Damon and Damon fixed her. She would no longer fight. She would let me violate her body endlessly, without plea or protest.
“You got nice tits slut. Nice slutty tits for a fucking ginger slut. That’s what you are right? A ginger slut?”
“Yes daddy I’m a dirty ginger slut.” She replies. “I’m your good little sex toy and I want you to use me like the whore I am.”
She knew her lines well. But she didn’t mean them like the other girls did. She was just acting. Playing her part and harboring that little fire of resistance. I would find that flame and snuff it out. I press myself up against her, trapping her hands between her ass and the bulge in my jeans.
“You know what to do slut.”
I remove my belt and she begins working on my pants. In only seconds my jeans fall to the floor and her young hands wrap around my dick. One cups my balls, massaging them with the gentle touch of a young woman, while the other rubs and caresses the tip of my cock. I smile and resume assaulting her tits while I enjoy a timid handjob.
“Bend over bitch.” I command, stepping back suddenly. “And take your panties with you.”
From behind her I remove my shirt and watch as she slowly bends over, raising her pale toned ass high into the air and peeling the blue tigerskin panties down her creamy legs. She releases them and they fall limply down her long socks to her stiletto-clad ankles. From between her closed milky thighs her pussy glistens with the kind of arousal I knew she was deeply ashamed of. Her body was betraying her. It would not be the last time.
She steps out of the panties and stands back up. As soon as she’s standing up straight I bring my belt down hard across her ass. The leather cracks against her pale skin and echo’s off the bedroom walls. A deep red line forms across her cheeks as they continue to wiggle from the sudden assault. She holds back a scream and staggers forward a step, whimpering quietly as she fights back tears.
I take the belt and loop it around her neck, drawing it tight against her windpipe as I press myself up against her and scream.
“No daddy.” She whispers in a squeaky, oxygen starved voice. “I’m sorry daddy, I’m so sorry.”
“No daddy I’m so—“
“Let me fucking tell you something.” I say, tightening the belt on her neck and digging my free hand into her ass. “I didn’t pay for your fucking face you spoiled South Beach slut. I payed for your ass! That’s why the only time I give a fuck about you is when you’re bent over whore!”
I pull the belt tight around her neck and slap her ass with so much force my hand goes numb. She resists the thrashing and the screaming inside of her. Instead she bites her lips and shifts her weight, trying to hold back the tears that are now pouring down her face.
“Bend over slut, it’s all you’re good for.”
The belt was looped through the buckle and had formed a convenient leash for my teen fucktoy. Jess bent over slowly and I let the slack in the belt play out. Her tears fell silently on the hardwood and her mangled teen tits hung lifelessly below her shaking body. Her hands fall on her knees and I pull on the slack in the belt, pulling her head back and arching her back to the limit. Now her toned teen body stands bent over before me, back arched, ass in the air and pussy glimmering with shameful slickness. She grimaces as the leather digs into her throat and cuts off her air, but she does not make a sound in protest.
I look down at the floor and count the number of tears on the hardwood.
“13.” I say out loud.
“What daddy?” She says, not daring to look over her shoulder or move a muscle.
I take her ass in my hands and dig my nails into her skin. She squirms and squeaks but stays in place.
“13 tears you spilled on the floor, plus one for standing up too early.”
“No daddy please…” she’s close to sobbing now.
“Plus one for wasting my time slut.” I bark, silencing her.
Her eyes water but she fights the tears, fearing further punishment. She’s expecting me to spank her or whip her, but I have different plans.
I walk in front of Jess, still holding onto her belt leash, and alight my cock with her tiny teen mouth. Her blue eyes glisten as they look up at me, pleading silently against the animalistic look in my eyes.
“Put it in your mouth slut, all of it.”
Her mouth opens and engulfs my cock cautiously. From her bent over position I can slide my dick in and out of her mouth easily. But before I can start thrusting her tongue starts sliding up and down my shaft, slipping up the sides and out from her lips to my balls. Her young lips grip my shaft and milk my cock with little head bobs. I realize her sudden enthusiasm is because she thinks this is her punishment. It’s adorable; she thinks this counts as an apology. I see no reason to stop her and she continues pleasuring me while I run my free and through her hair.
Then, without warning, I grab her hair tightly in my hand and the belt leash in the other. Jess’s eyes grow wide as I line my pulsing dick up with her young throat.
“15 is the number I believe.” I said, smiling as I prepare to assault her throat. I push hard on the back of her head with one hand while pulling the belt leash between my legs with the other. In one swift motion my cock is launched deep into her throat, lodging in the tight pulsing cavity as her eyes go wide with terror.
“One!” I scream, overwhelmed by the massaging rhythm of her throat muscles against my throbbing dick. I hold it for a second before pulling out to let Jess breathe. The young girl gasps violently as a long trail of spit dangles from her mouth to my glistening shaft. But before she can catch her breath the belt leash and my hand force my cock back into her throat.
“Two!” This time she shakes a little as I hold myself inside her young throat and rob her of air. I pull out and she gasps violently, mascara running down her face and mixing with the pre cum and spit that are dripping from her trembling lips.
“Three! Four! Five!” I start to get into a rhythm. I’m pounding my cock in and out of her without mercy, holding each thrust longer and longer inside the pulsing walls of her throat. Using the leather belt and my firm grip on her hair I fuck her young pale face mercilessly. Sweat, spit and sperm explode from her abused mouth and coat her face. Tears run freely, creating black rivers on her cheeks as the light in her eyes fades.
Damon isn’t the only one who can teach lessons. She will understand now. She is nothing but a toy for me to use. Her body is mine to violate and abuse endlessly. She understands now. What it means to be my slave.
“Eleven! Twelve! Thirteen!” I can barely stand up. Her young throat feels so good. It moves and massages my cock with warm wet contractions. I forget to pull my cock out and let her breathe at all. I just fuck her throat over and over with deep, violent thrust. As I close my eyes and slam my dick harder into her gaping throat I don’t notice her body start to shake, eyes quivering as the oxygen begins to run out.
“Fifteen!” I grunt and as I do I feel a warm tingle travel up my shaft. As my legs shake and my eyes close the warmth explodes like fire out of the tip of my cock, pouring steaming hot cum into Jess’ violated teen throat. She does not gag and she does not protest, she accepts the tidal wave of hot creamy liquid pouring down her throat without a sound.
I pull my cock out of her throat and she begins to lick me clean without prompting. I pay no attention to how heavy she is breathing when my cock leaves her throat, or how her lips almost seem blue as they go to work on my spit coated dick. Her tongue works quickly, sliding all around the tip before her lips suck the last few drops from within. Never once during her facial assault did she leave her submissive position. Hands still firmly on her knees, teen ass raised high in the air for me to use and abuse. And I can’t wait any longer.
“Alright you stupid fucktoy. Tell me, what are you good for?”
“I’m good at being a slut. I’m good at being used like a whore.” Her lines are perfect. Her tone is flat and accepting.
“I’ll be the judge of that.” I said, snickering as I walk behind her, pulling her head back by the belt leash once again. Her tiny teen back arches violently and below I can see her pussy peeking from between her tightly closed legs.
Her pussy is soaked. I take a finger and jam it into her wet slit unceremoniously. She flinches and gasps as the walls of her pussy grip my finger tightly, trying to obstruct the intruder. I wiggle, push and prod inside her young body, exploring without permission and watching as her body spasms and twitches without her consent. She’s trying to fight it but she can’t fight it all. Her heavy breathing and soaking wet pussy are living proof of that. She won’t fight it much longer. I pull my finger out and wipe the glistening liquid on her face.
“I knew you were nothing but a little teen whore. You’re soaked slut. Nothing but a misbehaving fucktoy after all.”
I don’t take time to warn her. I push my throbbing dick between her pussy lips and thrust hard. One hand pulls her head back with the belt while the other grips her hip and pulls. My dick slides slowly into her tight teen pussy, gaining progress at a constant snails pace, one millimeter at a time. Her pussy lips stretch and grip the pulsing shaft sliding past them. Jess is biting her lip, holding back the moans and the squeals that are bursting within her. Something between a scream and a squeak escapes her tightly closed lips as my dick slides deeper and deeper within her trembling teen slit.
I smile and moan quietly as the muscles in her pussy squeeze on my already pulsing dick. The walls expand and contract, causing little tremors to shoot up every inch of my body. Less than halfway inside and her young pussy is already milking the cum from my cock with its relentless grip.
Finally her pussy begins to give way. A hard push becomes a slight thrust and I feel my dick stretch her tiny slit into submission. Her body responds to the large intruder by tightening and trembling uncontrollably, pouring pleasure into Jess’ veins. The walls of her pussy are pulsing in a steady rhythm against my cock and even as her body begins to tremble she still remains silent. Fighting the feeling growing inside her.
By the time I finally bury my whole cock in her little pussy Jess is shaking and sweating like a bitch in heat. Her legs are quivering and her pussy is trembling against the huge intrusion. I move in and out of her slowly, pulling her pussy lips back with me as her tiny teen slit grips my cock. She coos and wiggles her hips against mine in approval, trying unconsciously to match the rhythm of my hips with hers.
Her eyes are closed and her nails are digging deep into her knees as she thrashes in place. Her stretched pussy is responding eagerly to an orgasm creeping up her spine. I can see her quivering as the waves of pleasure begin to overtake her. I pull my dick all the way out and when I thrust my whole cock into her at once she can’t keep quiet any longer.
“Oh my goooddd yeesssss daddyyyyyyy.”
She is trembling uncontrollably and moaning as she tries desperately not to move from her position in front of me. The orgasm is bursting out from inside of her. She thrashes her head, bites her lip and wiggles her hips against my cock, mindlessly chasing the pleasure I am giving her.
I can feel her about to cum so I abandon the leash and grab her hips instead. The leverage turns the assault on her tiny teen pussy from a struggle to a slaughter. Her slit stretches to the limit as I slam myself into her young hips over and over again, pummeling her whole body with every thrust.
“Da—ddy uh uh uh oh my god uh uh uh uh uh oh my go—duh uh uh uh .”
The orgasm crashes over her violently. She bucks, thrashes, shakes and screams for more as my cock continues to impale her. Whatever shame she had is gone now. She pushes her hips back, begging for more, as she cums all over my cock.
“You fucking slut you’re loving this aren’t you?”
“Yes yes yes oh my go—duh yes yes I loooo—“ Her words devolve into a mess of moans and delighted squeals as I pummel her tiny teen hips without mercy. My cock assaults her pussy with an endless barrage of thrusts while my hands riddle her ass with handprints. I’m riding her like an animal and her only response is to push her hips into rhythm with mine, milking my cock with her battered teen hips. Begging me for more.
Soon her legs begin to weaken from the constant barrage of thrusts. Her head hangs and her moans become soft grunts of defeat. She is nothing but a rag doll now, held up by my hands and the constant barrage of my cock. I hold her by her hips and watch her young body jiggle as I bury myself in her teen pussy over and over again.
I have no patience for quitters. I assault her cunt with every ounce of energy I have and spank her ass until my hand stings and swells. Suddenly feeling the need to violate her as much as possible before the grand finale I reach around and grab her tits, groping them violently as I continue to pummel her pussy. I bury myself deep within her just as the warmth creeps up my shaft. I gasp as my balls tighten and the warm rising feeling erupts into an explosion of hot pleasure.
Within seconds I can feel her womb overflowing. I’m roaring and grunting as my cock is unleashing cum at a violent rate. Spewing the steaming liquid into her tiny teen pussy with a constant and relentless flow. Her young womb is already almost completely filled by my cock and doesn’t have room for more cum. The steaming hot cream seeps out her pussy on both sides and runs down her legs to the floor. Still, even as she overflows, I can’t stop cumming.
My cock only becomes still after ever last drop of cum is drained from my body. A trail of cooling cream runs down each of her pale teen legs and onto the floor, puddling beside her heels. I let my cock sit in her drowning pussy for a minute, watching her ass wiggle as she gasps for breath and finds her balance again.
“Do you like getting used like a whore?” I ask, already knowing the answer.
“Yes daddy,” She moans, wiggling her hips and massaging my slowly softening cock with her still trembling pussy. “I love being your little whore. I love your cock and I want to be your fuck toy.”
“Well good little fuck toys clean up their messes.” I say, walking in front of her and presenting my cum soaked cock. Without hesitation she takes my dick in her mouth and begins sucking the cum and pussy juice from its surface.
Her face looks nothing like the timid and innocent girl that came in here earlier. Her hair is sweaty and tangled from being pulled. Makeup mixes with spit, and whatever cum she couldn’t swallow earlier, and drips down her chin. But she no longer looks afraid or upset. She looks eager and nearly crazed as she milks any remaining cum from my cock. Her young tongue and lips move up and down on my shaft, leaving no inch uncleaned. She looks up, still bent over before me, and smiles with pride at my now clean cock.
“All of it slut.” I say, motioning to the pools of cum that pooled at her feet.
At first she looks startled, but I am in no mood to punish her. Suddenly understanding she gets down on her hands and knees to lap the cum off the floor with her young, playful tongue.
From where she is kneeling I can see the deep red marks in her tits where my hands violated her. Her whole body bears the marks of abuse. But just before she starts cleaning the floor she has a moment of clarity. Smiling at me she turns so that her ass is facing me. She arches her back and pushes her ass into the air as she licks the cum from the floor. I admire the countless handprints that cover her pale ass and the cum still dripping from her freshly fucked pussy. Jess looks over her shoulder and smiles as she licks the floor, pulling pussy flavored cum up to her lips with her tongue.
Just like a good little whore.