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Lost Empire 69

2022-01-21 02:00:04

0001 - Tempro

0003 - Conner- Thomas

0097 - Ace - Zimmel

0098 - Lucy

0101 - Shelby (mother ship)

0125 - Lars

0200 - Ellen

0301 - Rodrick

0403 - Johnathon

0667 - Marco - Brown

0778 - Jan

0798 - Celeste - Shelby (human)

0805 - Toran

0808 - Radella

0908 - Tara - Mara


Ungrown - unnumbered


2 - onboard Shelby, in Re-gen

0250 Tendra

1000 - Sherry

0999 - Zan - still lost

Rescued from Tendraxians


6 on Shelby

8 on Lucy


Known and OR numbered


0501 – Thaddeus

???? - Lena


In a low gruntal growl, Kimon stated, "so Jonah Kimison," Kimon stated. "You survived the attack. It figures, pure evil is never easy to destroy."

The smiling scarred man's face twisted into one of rage as he also growled. "I am no such weak, pathetic piece of garbage as that insult to the family. That bastard that sits on the throne, is just as bad. Though," here the smile returned to his features. "After I am done, he will wish he had died that day as well as the rest of you."

Here Jonah took a defensive stance. "If you are no Kimison, then what is the name of that, which will no longer exist after this day?" Kimon asked doing his best to fight the rising blood lust.

"Since you won't live after today, I see no harm in telling you I am Jonah Macley. Son, of the finest assassin ever to rise in the galaxy. How one with as pitiful skills as yours defeated her, is a mystery. One that I will gladly let pass after I avenge my mother." Jonah growled to Kimon.

Kimon was still fighting to keep the blood lust under control though, he was quickly losing the battle. Jonah could see this as another, more sinister smile, spread across his lips. His mother had taught him in secret for years, grooming him for the day that, he would be called upon to rid the galaxy of this trash.

Laughing he stared at Kimon, no honor, no clan, well not much honor. Killing his mother had restored most of the clan's honor, though with her son alive, his own honor was still nonexistent.

Yes Jonah thought, this would be a great day. When he beat him, he would rise in status. No one in the galaxy would dare challenge him. If, on the very small chance that Kimon could beat him, the blood lust would make sure that he never had honor again.

His smile growing larger Jonah took a step toward Kimon then stopped. Looking behind Kimon Jonah nodded his head. So, there was another master out there headed this way. Not as strong as Kimon though a definite force to deal with. Perhaps he should delay a bit to let the other join the party? Yes he thought, I should delay.

"So, afraid to face me as a true master?" When Kimon momentarily had a look of confusion, Jonah continued. "I refer to the master that I feel rapidly approaching our position."

Kimon nodded then stated, "I know not who they are, nor do I care." Taking a blood red belt from a pouch at his side he laid it behind him. Then he took off his clan medallion laying it on top of the belt.

A truly evil smile drifted across Jonah's face as he nodded. Reaching in the pouch at his side he removed a red belt, laying it behind him. Reaching in his shirt he grasp, then removed the family crest medallion laying it on the belt.

"Hmmmm a blood feud fight," Johan stated an even wider smile twisting on his features. "Truly fitting, something no master nor student of the art would interfere in." Bowing slightly Jonah stated, "I believe you."

Kimon nodded as he sat crossed legged going into meditation. Jonah also nodded as he sat though meditation was not his intention.

Jonah smiled producing several throwing knives, launching them at Kimon. When each was snatched from the air, Jonah chuckled a moment.

He thought a moment then produced several Shuriken (throwing stars}. These were on the ground in front of Kimon just as fast.

Jonah nodded a moment then pulled a bow and quiver from a nearby pack. Notching several arrows Jonah started to fire with increasing speed. Within moments there were a good many broken arrows on the ground beside Kimon.

Still not having opened his eyes Kimon sat as if nothing had happened. Jonah now stood reaching over to his pack drawing a slightly curved Katana out of the scabbard that held it. With a satisfied smile he approached Kimon rapidly, swinging the Katana.

To his slight surprise Kimon never moved except to capture the blade between his hands. Taking a breath, Kimon then slightly twisted his hands to the side, effectively snapping the blade in two.

Kimon pulled his hands back then pushed forward with them not touching Jonah, knocking the man back as if he'd been punched.

Now a genuine smile dominated Jonah's features. "I see that you are far beyond the basics. Time we stepped this up."

With that Jonah sprang to his feet rapidly advancing toward Kimon. Seeming to disappear, Jonah appeared a moment later beside Kimon. Without rising nor opening his eyes Kimon rapidly blocked each and every blow Jonah threw at him.

Jonah moved past Kimon stopping out of reach. Turning back Jonah smiled, so the dishonored one was keeping up with his training. This was actually going to be enjoyable, plus he might even have a challenge for the first time in years.

"An actual challenge, good killing you won't be as much a trial in boredom as I thought it would be." Jonah stated an even larger twisted smile dominated his features.

In a low gruntal growl Kimon responded, "no boredom, just the coming death that will be yours."

Shocked a moment that Kimon had held the blood lust off, Jonah finally laughed. "You are far more delusional than I thought you were. Not to worry, soon I will end your pathetic life, then you'll have no more worries."

"No worries, the second disgrace of the art shall be no more." Kimon growled as he felt the approaching master move ever closer. I need to finish this before the other can interfere.

With a flip Kimon was on his feet facing Jonah. Taking a defensive stance, a sneer appeared on Kimon's face. Stepping forward he and Jonah appeared to vanish. For the next ten minutes they went at it with great intensity.

Finally they both separated as a lone figure appeared at the edge of the clearing. Jonah was about to step forward when he recognized the figure, hesitating.

Kimon too stopped, a look of great shock and surprise on his face. Turning toward Jonah, Kimon nodded.

"So, it appears that I will restore my honor today after all. Pity that you, still will not live past this day." Kimon said a wide smile dominating his features.

Jonah turned toward Kimon when he started speaking. Now a wide smile was dominating Jonah's features also.

"You think that I will allow you to calm, losing the blood lust? You are gravely mistaken. This won't happen as won't your honor being restored." Looking at the lone figure Jonah pointed. "This is a blood feud; you can not interfere. Under penalty of death." Here Jonah looked the lone figure up and down. "Don't fear I will correct that mistake as soon as I kill the dishonored one."

A powerful female voice responded. "I will not interfere in the blood feud, though I will not have too. The one you face is far more a master than you will ever be. Here the female started to laugh. "You are already dead; you are just too stupid to realize it."

Jonah roared as he rushed Kimon, who clipped Jonah near the joint of his right arm. Skidding to a stop, Jonah could only look at his loosely hanging arm. Hitting several points on his chest , then his arm, he nodded when he felt feeling return to the limb.

"Very good distraction, worthy of a true master of the Jitaku world and your clan. Though I am afraid that you only delayed the death of the dishonored one." Jonah sneered at the female.

With a harsh laugh the female replied, "how can you speak of that which you know nothing of? How you knew of the blood feud is a mystery to this one."

"I know far more than either of you think, a fact that I will prove, when I kill first, the dishonored one, then you!" Jonah stated as he moved rapidly to renew his attacks on Kimon.

The female sat cross legged as both males continued their battle. This might take a great deal of time she thought. The one that was fighting Kimon is by far more skilled than she at first thought.

A few moments later there was a thud, followed by a grunt as Kimon was propelled backwards. Landing near the female, Kimon looked at her then nodded. Flipping up Kimon reentered the fight.

Again, it was only a few moments later when, there was another thud and grunt as this time Jonah was flying backwards. Smashing into a tree at the edge of the clearing, Jonah sprung back heading rapidly toward Kimon.

The female gasped as she recognized a banned move of martial arts. Building speed Jonah started spinning then pulled another Katana seemingly from thin air. A moment later Kimon smashed Jonah to the ground hearing a loud crack, though in the process he sacrificed his left side.

Reaching down Kimon extracted the sword that was now impaled on his left side. Pinching a spot near the hole Kimon nodded as the blood flow slowed to a mere drip.

Stumbling a moment, Kimon again gained a defensive stance. When the female started to advance toward him Kimon held up his hand.

"Do not, we are not finished 'til one surrenders or is dead." Turning toward a struggling Jonah, Kimon asked. "I ask now, do you cede? Need we to finish to a conclusion?"

Jonah finally stood staring daggers at Kimon. "Cede? To the likes of you? Never, if you were worthy then I might consider it. I will see you in Jigoku before that happens!" Jonah spit out as he started a spin move towards Kimon.

Almost expecting this, Kimon stayed still 'til the last moment then just side stepped. Fully committed, Jonah was unable to stop or adjust fast enough. Pulling up short, Jonah started at Kimon with a soul consuming hatred.

"You will never defeat me, goodbye dishonored one." Jonah stated as he rushed up to Kimon, then started to throw a series of three rapid punches.

Kimon nodded as he spun away from the first, then the second set. Smiling, Kimon actually surprised Jonah when he started a series of three rapid hits of his own.

Kimon grimaced when he heard and felt the sickening crack of first one then a second rib. With a gasp Jonah was propelled backward from the force of the hits.

Gasping, the look of extreme hatred on Jonah's face grew more intense. "No one can beat, let alone counter the triple, triple."

Kimon could only shake his head. "Your mother thought the same thing before, I ended her dishonorable life. Cede now, I no longer wish your destruction."

"NO!" Jonah almost screamed out. Quickly he withdrew a tanto plunging it into his stomach ripping it across.

"So, at last you have your honor. Relish it while you can." With that Jonah dropped forward.

Kimon took a deep breath then fell to his knees. Finally, he had his honor back, he could once again face his clan, his family. Looking over to the female that was moving rapidly toward him he nodded.

"So, you are here to lead me to Tengoku. That is good, I am finally with my honor again, as is my family." Kimon started speaking though his voice was growing weaker by the moment. "I had hoped to leave them proof that I had restored it to...to," Kimon was saying as he finally let the darkness claim him.

The female had picked up Kimon about to move out when she stopped nodding her head. A moment later they were both in the infirmary.

The female blinked when she saw Daniel Norman standing before her. "Put him on the bio-bed now! If we are to save him, you will have to use the Iyashino enerugi (healing energy). I am not as good with it as you are but I will contribute."

Wide eyed the female hesitated as Norman took Kimon from her. "I... how?"

"Let's go, he won't last much longer. His Inochiryoku (life force) is growing weak." Norman stated trying to remain calm.

Startled into action, the female extended her hands over Kimon's chest. Norman grasp her shoulders as first her hands then her entire being started to glow. This moved up Norman's hands and arms. Slowly, very slowly it crept to his shoulders then started to cover his chest.

The female's mouth dropped open as she felt the massive boost from Norman. A slow smile crept onto her lips as Kimon's eyes suddenly snapped open. Looking at the female, then Norman he groaned. Damn it, Norman was never going to let him live this down.

Both stayed in that position for a good thirty minutes before Norman stumbled back into a chair. A smile covered his lips as he saw that Kimon was grimacing.

"Enough Shisuta (sister)." Norman stated as he smiled at both of them, then his head dropped from exhaustion.

Both Kimon and the female looked at each other astonished. "You think the mind shield has been broken?" Kimon asked.

Before the female could speak, a male voice startled them. "As of yet it hasn't been, though he is close." Looking at the female he continued. "Sister, he will need to be tested to make sure that all he wished is being fulfilled. Though for the life of me why has it taken him so long to break it?" The Oriental male in the door way pondered.

"I think I can explain that. A still slightly weak Kimon said. "He has been after all, dead for the last two to three years. The emperor just, you might say revived him."

Both the female and male's heads snapped around to stare at Kimon. "He has that much power?" The female stated her voice and face in awe as was the male's.

"I can't really say as I am sworn to secrecy by him. Though, I am sure that as he said he can trust you." At least I hope that was what I thought I heard him say.

Both the female and male bowed. "We hope that he does. It would be a great honor to have that much trust from the great one."

Kimon was nodding as a shimmering in the air alerted him. A moment later the hologram of Derrick appeared. All three bowed to him which elicited a slight groan.

"So," Derrick started looking over the condition of Kimon. "I take it that honor has been restored?" When Kimon nodded Derrick looked relieved.

"Though I should be angry with you." Derrick stated as he was now looking at the female. "I am not, as I realize why you did it, though in the future? Advise me first. You caused more than a stir in the fleet."

"I apologize my lord, I needed to go as quickly as I could." The female stated with her head hung low.

"As I said, I understand though don't do it again." Derrick stated as the female was vigorously nodding her head.

"I wish to apologize also Lord." The male spoke up. "I should have notified you as soon as I knew."

Derrick put his hand up to stop all of them. "As I said, I am not mad, though," here he looked at all three of them. "Don't do it again."

"Now then," Derrick started as he turned toward Kimon. "I may have another mission for you. I need you to heal as soon as you can. I am also going to need to need Brigadier General Norman. Please try to have him on his feet as soon as possible."

All three of them nodded as the holo-gram of Derrick vanished. The female and male quickly moved to Norman.

"General sir, can you hear me? I need you to open your eyes." The female stated as she lightly tapped Norman on the cheek.

With a start Norman's eyes flickered open. "Ah, I must be hurt again. It is the same Nasu I had when I was bed ridden last time." Norman said with a slight smile.

The female's mouth dropped open as she corrected him. "I thought I told you before I am no Nasu. I am Onai..." She suddenly stopped as she saw the smile that was growing larger on Norman's face.

"It is good to see you alive again," then he looked at Kimon. "as it good to see you also, my friend."

Barely able to stand, Kimon bowed to Norman. "It is also good to see that you are well my Tomodachi and Ani. When I saw you expending what you were, I was afraid that it would be too much."

"Not for you Kimon, you are more than my friend. There isn't too much that I wouldn't do for you." Norman stated.

"So you remember, that is good." Kimon said as he sat with a thud on the bio-bed.

"I don't remember all that much, though I..." Norman stopped as he grabbed his head. "Oh shit!" His body started to convulse with his mouth falling open though nothing was coming out.

Almost falling out of the bed, Kimon looked pleadingly at the male.

"Riku! Can you help him? What is going on?" Onai asked of her brother.

Riku produced a strange hand held device that he started to pass over Norman's head. A few moments later a deep sigh escaped Norman's lips.

His eyes opened a moment later, then he looked around the room. "So, how long are you going to be here this time?" He asked then noticed that Onai and Riku were also in the room. Bowing to both of them he stated. "I am sorry, I didn't see you there Miss Onai. If I remember right you are her pilot?"

Almost afraid to speak, Riku tentatively stated. "Yes sir, I am."

Norman nodded, "I am sorry if I interrupted a private conversation. I'll return when you are ready. We need to speak of this mission you just completed."

"I will call you soon my Tomodachi." Kimon stated as Norman bowed to the three of them then left. "Is it safe for him to be alone?"

"Yes I believe so. The mind shield is indeed starting to strain to contain all that he wished to remain hidden. If I am not mistaken, it won't be long now before he is far stronger than the shield. Then we will have to test him to make sure. As he is now, he is almost where he wished to be." Riku related to them.

With a heavy sigh Kimon nodded, "I will have to speak to the Emperor before I can tell you. Give me a day then I'll call you."

"If you think that I am about to let you out of my sight you are gravely mistaken. The last time I did you vanished for several years. No, I am not about to lose you again, especially after you restored your honor!" All this Onai was stating with her hands on her hips. Kimon could only shrink back from the ferocity of her voice.

Riku chuckled, he knew his sister well. Kimon wasn't about to lose her again. Come hell or high water, Riku didn't see Kimon getting away again.

"I must return and inform father and the council of these latest turn of events." Bowing to both of them they returned the gesture then he left.

A wide smile spread across Kimon's face. He hadn't informed any of what had transpired between him and Trianas, though he suspected many knew the truth. He also suspected that his family had been shunned though not like they would have been had it all come out in the light of day. He was surprised that they hadn't called him yet, that would change soon he was sure.


Derrick sighed, he wasn't even there and shit seemed to be breaking out. "Shelby," Derrick started.

"Almost there Derrick." Shelby responded before Derrick could finish his question. "I am adding more distance as you suggested."

Derrick sighed then nodded, he'd forgotten about Shelby's habit of doing this. He was about to speak when several alarms went off. "What is it Shelby?" Derrick asked.

"It appears that we are indeed being followed as you thought. They aren't showing aggression though, as you stated they might. Almost there Derrick." Shelby stated. Derrick nodded as he waited.

Onboard the lead Delcron ship, the Emperor was wondering what the other Emperor was thinking. At their present speed the what were they called? Ah yes, humanoid, the humanoid Emperor would take at least a dozen planet cycles to reach his home planet.

There was something in the history that was nudging at his mind, though he couldn't seem to capture it.

"SIR!" The weapons officer shouted snapping his attention to the male. "I'm detecting a huge build of energy from both ships!"

"All shields to maximum!" The Emperor shouted then his mouth dropped open as what seemed to be a hole in space opened in front of the two ships. A moment later both ships slipped into the hole then vanished! "Can you follow them?"

"No sire," the science and weapons officers stated, afraid that they were soon to demoted or floating in space.

The Emperor looked over the reading, as what he hadn't been able to remember came flooding back.

More to his self than anyone else he whispered, "trans dimensional travel. I had forgotten that, so the old stories are true." Shaking his head he thought, this is an enemy that they had no real chance of defeating. Plus the readings they had received, the ships were covered with a variety of weapons many, they had no idea of their function.

"I can see if the new sensors can detect anything sire." The science officer offered.

The Emperor was staring at the view screen where the two ships had been. Without speaking, he nodded as he turned to go to his room to research more.

Passing by the onboard training center, he saw that his daughter was taking her aggression out on several practice dummies. Pity they weren't in battle, she would decimate any enemy that faced her, well, almost any. He'd seen the mating battle she'd had with the humanoid male.

The Emperor had tried to mimic many of the moves that the male had used. A few the Emperor had managed to clumsily master, though some were far too fast for him to follow.

Then he stopped backing up, by the great feline god! She was not only following them she seemed to have master quite a few of them. Even as he watched, she nearly took the head off the practice Delcron.

A thin smile crossed his lips. The next time there would be no escape for the male though, here he was worried. If the male knew this technique, surely others did also. The humanoid Emperor was well within his rights, to *********** a champion. As of yet, his daughter was the only one even half accomplished, at this new form of fighting.

He needed to have her ready, in case they did indeed have others better than the male. Though she had fought the male once, so she was well within her rights to him.

Rushing inside he sat to watch his daughter practice. She was a hell a lot better than he was. Though he was well accomplished with several of the moves the male had used, he had no hope of even sparing with her.

A thought came to him as he called up the video of the mating fight. Displaying it on the wall, Difina was surprised then smiled as she watched a move that she hadn't remembered. Slipping into the form she started at first clumsy, then getting better and better as time wore on.

Yes the Emperor thought, given the time that they would need to transverse this space, she'd be ready.


Almost three fourths the way back, Derrick had both ships stop beside Admiral Hartwell's ship.

"Admiral?" Derrick stated as his holo-gram appeared onboard the ship. "I thought you would be gone by now."

Hartwell sighed as he started to speak only to quieted by his sister. "I think he is still having problems. What's wrong you still can't get her to wear clothes?" Lucie stated then started to giggle.

"No! Plus it's worse than that. She stated that in their society they aren't allowed to wear clothes. Not unless as she stated they have been bred." Hartwell spit out disgusted.

A gasp behind him had him rolling his eyes. Then they heard several voices whisper, "It is the beast emperor!"

Derrick sighed they were still saying that about him.

"Sir," Hartwell growled between his teeth. “I say we declare war on them. No one should be subjected to the crap their females are."

Again there were several gasps behind him. "How could he say such a thing!" The one he'd started calling Bee cried. "Without the males, our society would crumble in no time! How could you say something so cruel.

With that Bee and the other two Tendraxian females were hugging each other. They were also in the furthest corner trying to get away from Hartwell.

Losing his temper a moment Hartwell shouted, "Stop that damn it!" This only caused the three to try to get further away. Calming himself, Hartwell sat with a thud. Now what the hell could he do?

Unable to stop himself Derrick started to laugh; a moment later human Shelby joined in. "Admiral? Have you ever heard the old saying it's better to catch insects with sweetness rather bitterness?" When a disheartened Hartwell nodded his head, Shelby continued. "You should try it Admiral, it just might work."

"Sire? May I?" Lucie asked. When Derrick nodded Lucie was onboard Johnathon. "Let's see what I can do." Lucie stated as she took the three quivering females from the room.

"I need you back as soon as possible. We have an invading fleet of a vast size. Though they have made no aggressive moves I don't want to leave anything to chance." Derrick told Hartwell with all seriousness.

"Yes sir, I'll be back as soon as I can. Hopefully with Lucie here that will be possible." Hartwell stated as he watched both the other ships trans warp away. ‘I hope that isn't just wishful thinking,’ Hartwell thought.