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2022-08-04 00:00:03

Jaded part 1

"Will there be anything else Madam?" the pretty blonde shop assistant asked with a smile from behind her glass fronted counter.

Jayne put her bag and shopping basket down, "Ah, no, ah, thank you," she replied nervously, "Just these." she indicated the slim silver vibrator and the chrome play hand-cuffs in the basket and rummaged in her bag for her credit card.

"We have an extensive range of restraints Madam," the girl continued, as she checked the items, "The metal does get rather uncomfortable after a while."

Jayne peered at the assistant, she couldn't be more than nineteen, she decided, standing there in her short white coat covering, well Jayne could only speculate what she wore under it but as she was serving in a sex shop she assumed perhaps a basque.

"Er yes," Jayne agreed, "I think these will be fine," she cast her eyes around the well filled shelves, "You certainly have a wide range of, ah."

"Oh yes! we have a club room and function room as well," the assistant added, "Not just sales," she looked into Jayne's brown eyes, looking past the sensible cut of her medium length chestnut brown hair, the sensible skirt and cardigan she wore and she realised perhaps that Jayne was younger than she assumed, young and uncertain, nervous, uncertain of what she wondered.

Jayne offered her credit card and the girl slipped it into the card reader, "Enter your pin please," she asked, as she handed it back.

Jayne punched in the digits and pressed enter,

"Thank you," the assistant said brightly, "Are you sure we can't tempt you, I'm Shelly by the way, and you are Jane?"

"With a Y yes," Jane agreed, "No, I think this will do."

"I like the fur lined velcro cuffs myself," Shelly explained, "Or the X form ones, they don't dig in like the metal,"

"Right," Jayne agreed as she put her card away.

"These," Shelly suggested as she reached a black X form soft fur lined cuffs from among the expensive vibrators and lubricants on the shelf below the counter, "They feel so much more comfortable," she explained, "But at thirty nine, ninety nine they are a tiny bit expensive."

"I'll just take these thank you," Jayne agreed as she took the carrier bag containing her vibrator and cuffs but she remained at the counter, intrigued.

"They can be used in front but are best used behind," Shelly suggested, "But the great thing is that they can always be pulled open, no keys to get lost or anything."

"Oh," Jayne agreed, "But there's no key to these cuffs?"

"No but you can't reach the release catch," Shelly explained, "So you daren't use them for SB."

"Oh, oh no my boyfriend," Jayne admitted awkwardly.

"Well, perhaps, these or the chain linked velcro cuffs," Shelly suggested, "In case you decide things have gone too far."

"Oh, I see," Jayne agreed, "So how do you free yourself?"

"Just get something under the edge and ease them apart." Shelly suggested, "They are awkward to put on though, do you see?"

"Yes," Jayne agreed and she stood and watched as Shelly placed the X form centre on the table and pulled the velcro strap tight around her own arm.

"Now you see if I get the edge against the table I can just lever," Shelly explained as she pushed the cuff against the counter top, and with a rasping tearing sound the strap came loose, "See, try it." she suggested with a smile.

Jayne set down her bag and picked up the soft black cuffs she placed it on her left wrist and pulled the strap tight and then found she couldn't tighten the right strap, she giggled nervously at her failure.

Shelly slipped round the side of the counter, "Let me," she offered and took Jayne's wrist, "They're best behind," Shelly whispered, as she gently pulled Jayne's arms around behind her back and fastened the strap around her other wrist, "Now how does that feel."

"Strange," Jayne admitted, "So how do you release them?"

"Just get something under the edge of the strap," Shelly suggested, "And ease the first strap off, it get's easier with practice." she paused, "Try the edge of the counter, there is an overlap around the back."

Jayne stepped around the back of the counter as Shelly suggested, Shelly followed her, and coached her "That's right, against the edge." she explained, and with a faint ripping sound the cuff came away and swung loose, "And it comes open, ah."

"Oh, I see," Jayne exclaimed,"That's really easy,"
"Yet if you just pull," Shelly explained as she took Jayne's wrist and fixed the strap once more, "It's really firm, very secure, isn't it?"

Jayne tried to pull her wrists free yet and agreed, "That's quite amazing, really firm."

"Well perhaps next time," Shelly suggested, "It's for your boyfriend?" she left the question hanging.

Jayne paused, she looked around the store, "John, ah, yes, I don't know though," she admitted as her gaze passed from rubber dresses and fetish wear across the shelves of sex toys and racks of Videos and DVDs to the sexy lingerie on the far wall, and blanked out windows beyond the display, "I'm really not sure about this." she admitted.

"Is he domineering, possessive," Shelly asked, "Only girls usually buy these," she paused, "For other girls."

"He says I'm boring." Jayne admitted, "Plain Jayne."

"Really?" Shelly asked, "You don't think that do you?"

"Oh, well perhaps with these?" Jayne suggested.

"The velcro cuffs?" Shelly suggested

"No, yes, the cuffs, I don't know," Jayne admitted, "I don't think he would like these."

"Yes," Shelly agreed, "Do you want him to be assertive, is that it, do you want him to ah," she paused, and on an impulse she bent and slipped her hands up under Jayne's sensible knee length green skirt and hooked her thumbs in Jaynes waistband and simply pulled her panties and pantihose down around her ankles.

"Shelly! No!" Jayne protested, but Shelly just stepped back and smiled.

"Is that nice?" she asked, "Do you like that."

"No!" Jayne protested, "Someone might come in!"

"So, what will they see?" Shelly asked, "Nothing, just relax."

"Please!" Jayne protested, "I don't like it."

"I think you do, you do don't you," Shelly suggested, "Just step out of your tights and we'll go in the back, OK?"

"No Shelly," Jayne protested as she tried and failed to wrench her hands free, as she found with her hands bound she couldn't pull her pants any higher than her knees "Shelly help me!"

"I think I know just what you need!" Shelly giggled.

"Yes anything, just don't let anyone come in." Jayne agreed.

"Jayne, step out." Shelly repeated, but Jayne remained immobile, "Oh very well," Shelly agreed as she reached for Jayne's new vibrator, and unscrewed the battery cover, "I'll lend you some batteries," she offered.

"What!" Jayne exclaimed as Shelly tried the motor for the first time, "Oh please." she whispered ambiguously as Shelly pushed the vibrator up under Jayne's sensible skirt and pressed it against Jayne's unseen pubes.

"Ohhh," Jayne whispered, "Its cold!"

"And you madam are hot," Shelly insisted as she worked the slim vibrator around until she found Jaynes now moist pussy lips and eased the vibrator up inside her.

"Noooo," Jayne muttered. but at that moment the bell sounded as the street door opened and Shelly barely had time to switch off the motor before two young men in coveralls and heavy jackets walked in.

"You guys buying or leering because I want to get shut up," Shelly insisted as they started giggling at the displays of porno mags.

"OK, OK," the larger guy agreed, "We're out of here."

The slipped away like naughty school boys and as they went Shelly took the door key and followed them locking the door behind them as they left.

"Shelly!" Jayne exclaimed, "They could have seen!"

"I know, it's exciting isn't it," Shelly suggested, "So if you step out of those tights we'll go into the changing room, and get you dressed."

"Just let me out of the cuffs, please," Jayne pleaded but Shelly could hear there was no sincerity in her voice.

"Just come in the back and try a few things," Shelly suggested, "The door's locked now."

Jayne knew she shouldn't, but she kicked off her panties, shoes and tights as Shelly suggested as Shelly picked up her bags and ushered her through the door at the back of the shop into a small white painted room with a brown linoleum floor lined with old fashioned grey metal lockers.

"That's it stand there," Shelly ordered and she undid the large soft green buttons on Jayne's Cardigan and then undid the small fiddly white buttons on her sensible white blouse leaving it hanging on her arms and then unzipped her sensible skirt pulling it right up and over her head.

"Shelly!" Jane protested, but Shelly released the catch on Jayne's sensible white bra and lifted it over her head so it too hung from Jaynes wrists by its straps.

"It's fine, just wait a minute," Shelly suggested and she took the metal cuffs and cuffed Jayne's arms just above her elbows.

"Shelly," Jayne protested, but Shelly had cuffed her arms just above where her cardigan and dress even her bra hung against the lower cuff, therefore pulling her elbows in and so thrusting her breasts out.

"Shelly you're frightening me," Jayne protested.

"It's only for a moment," Shelly reassured her as with the familiar tearing sound Shelly released the X form cuff and allowed Jaynes clothes to fall to the floor.

"No!" Jayne protested, but Shelly quickly re-attached the straps and removed the metal cuffs leaving Jayne naked vulerable and clearly excited.

Shelly scooped up the discarded clothing, "I'll just put these away and find something more suitable," she said cheerily as she tossed it in a grey painted locker, Shelly quickly chalked Jayne on the door and went back to the shop, to return with Jayne's shoes, panties and pantihose which she also tossed into the locker.

"Now what shall we do with you," Shelly asked but before Jayne could reply the vibrator slid from her and clattered to the floor, "Oh yes, a chain, perfect!" Shelly smiled, as she saw the vibrator lying on the floor glistening with fresh pussy juice,

"Shelly!" Jayne exclaimed, "You're frightening me!" she protested, but Shelly had disappeared once more.

Jayne was relieved to see Shelly return but she panicked when she saw the chains Shelly was carrying and a simple black latex tube dress she had draped over her arms, "What are those for?" she asked nervously.

"You, of course," Shelly insisted, "A dress that goes on and comes off easily, easily cleaned, sexy, lovely rubbery feel and only forty nine ninety nine." she explained in her most persuasive manner, "And some sexy chains!"

"Shelly!" Jayne protested, again.

"And a lovely collar," Shelly added, as she put the dress and chain down and took a simple black leather dog collar and fastened it around Jaye's neck, "It's only twelve ninety nine and we can do a name tag if you like?"

"Look Shelly," Jayne protested, "It's all really lovely but,"

"Da da!" Shelly laughed, "Nipple Clamps!" as she picked the chromium chains with the small spring loaded clamps from the floor.

"No, Shelley!" Jayne protested.

"These are cheap plated ones," Shelly explained as she gently twisted Jayne's left nipple between her forefinger and thumb and as it swelled and responded so she spread the clamp and slipped it over the now erect teat and released the tension allowing it to squeeze and constrict the dark red flesh.

"Ohh, it's cold!" Jayne shuddered, but Shelly had already changed to Jayne's right nipple, this time she breathed on the clamp and blew on the nipple before she again allowed the spring pressure to squeeze the shining silver clamp deep into the sensitive red flesh.

"These are spring clamps, I like the screw ones better," Shelly confessed, "And the chain has a nice clip so it can go up to your collar like this," she said as she clipped the chromium clip to a ring on Jayne's collar, "Or you could hang your vibrator on it or just let it hang," she suggested.

"No, don't let it hang, please!" Jayne pleaded, "Oh my lord!"

"Seventeen ninety nine," Shelly said, "If you want chrome, the nice ones are nearly a hundred, or we have anodised in, well in all sorts of colours."

"Shelly!" Jayne protested, "Please, I've nothing on someone might come!"

"Ok latex tube dress, forty nine ninety nine, goes on and comes off really easy," Shelly explained, "Easily cleaned, comes in a range of colours," she bent down as she held it in for Jayne to step into and said softly,"Try it."

Jayne gasped as the cold latex sent a shiver through her whole being as Shelly eased the tight yet elastic dress up Jaynes legs shaved legs and eased it over her pert bottom and eased it up under her breasts before she finally flipped it over Jayne's sensitised clamped nipples.

"Noooooo," Jayne protested, "I can't stand it."

Shelly relented and eased the dress back over Jayne's nipples, allowing it to settle below her breasts, "How's that?" she asked.

"Ohhhh, oh my lord," Jayne gasped, "That's better, ohh."

"Now how do you think your boy-friend will like that?" Shelly asked.

"Oh Shelly I couldn't," Jayne gasped, "Not like this!"

"Oh you could," Shelly pointed out, "You just need, ah, a little push." she explained, "You've done the hard part, coming into the shop, it would be a shame."

"What," Jayne exclaimed, "What do you mean?"

"You just need to relax let it happen," Shelly suggested, "May be the boyfriend, what did you say his name is?"

"Henry," Jayne added automatically.

"Maybe Henry isn't the one?" Shelly said, "I think you're like a lot of girls who are a bit shy and need someone to show them."

"Show them?" Jayne asked.

"Show them," Shelly replied and in a moment of inspiration she suggested, "Just a moment, I've had an idea." Shelly left Jayne alone in the room, her arms still bound, her breasts still exposed and thats when she realised there was a second door, almost disguised as a notice baord on the far side of the room and beyond it she heard faint voices.

"How about this!" Shelley asked, "Its thirty nine ninety nine," she held a black floppy head, with eye and nose holes, "It an Atomiser, I mean an An-Atomiser, at least I think that's what it's called, like a disguise?"

"No, it's horrible!" Jayne protested.

"Or a little mask, like a kitten?" Shelly showed Jayne a black and white mask, "Or how about this?" Shelly dropped the cat mask beside the floppy head mask and showed her black fabric figure eight with an elasticated strap.

"Shelly!" Jane gasped, "It's a blindfold."

"Yes!" Shelly agreed, "Do you like it?" she smiled as Jayne gasped open mouthed, "Try it, see if you like it." she suggested and she expertly fitted it around the bridge of Shelly's nose and tightened the strap around the back of Jaynes head..

"I can't see." Jayne said, but Shelly saw she had visibly relaxed.

"I think with a leash and some ear rings you would be irresistible." Shelly whispered, "I've got some whore rings, they say nine ninety nine, that's the cost of a fuck, is that you Jayne, are you a cheap whore who fucks for nine, ninety nine?"

"No!" Jayne protested.

"I'll put your lovely ruby ear rings in the locker and you can wear these," Shelly whispered as she removed the sleepers from behind Jayne's ruby ear studs and fitted the ugly diamond shaped 9.99 price tag ear rings,

"You look wonderful!" Shelly admitted, "But, yes just a moment." and she slipped away again.

The sounds were louder now, beyond the door, but before Jayne could discern what was being said Shelly was back with some cheap plastic knee length high heel boots.

"These are over priced really at twenty nine ninety nine," Shelly suggested, "Lift you foot."

"I can't see," Jayne protested.

"Oh but you look lovely," Shelly insisted, as she guided Jayne's left foot into the tight black plastic, "Other foot," she said, and she guided Jaynes's right foot into the other boot and zipped both up, "Try walking,"

"I can't see!" Jayne protested.

"I'll guide you, it's fine, just walk, four steps," Shelly coaxed and as she clipped a black leather leash to Jayne's collar and wrapped it around her hand several times so she could guide her so Jayne took a tentative step, "Three, two, turn." Shelly ordered, "And back."

Jayne turned and started to walk back," You could be in a room full of people Jayne." Shelly said, "And you would never know, would you."

"No please Shelly not in the shop!" Jayne protested.

"No, not in the shop, of course not," Shelly confirmed, "Just walk around me a moment," Shelly suggested and Jayne walked around her in a circle as Shelly frantically worked out how much Jane's costume would cost.

"I think that's ah," Shelly said, "Shall we say one eighty or lets say two hundred and I'll throw in three months trial membership at the club next door."

"No!" Jayne protested, "No, what club."

"Just stand and wait," Shelly insisted as she collected the spare items Jayne didn't want like the Anatomiser mask, and she took them through to the shop and rang the amount into the till and crossed the items off the stock list, she had the pin number on CCTV already, and the card details so she would finish the transaction later.

"What club Shelly," Jayne asked again anxiously.

"Fetish club, for shy sexy little wall flowers like you," Shelly said, "I'll hang my coat up and take you through."

"No!" Jayne protested.

"Or perhaps if you're a good girl I'll take you out in the street," Shelly suggested.

"Please, let me go!" Jayne pleaded, but Shelly just whispered an obscene safe word in Jaynes ear.

"It's what you want Jayne, it's what you came looking for now enjoy." Shelly insisted, "Now let me take you through." and then to reassure her Shelly said, "All your things will be quite safe, we've twenty four seven CCTV in the changing room."

"Oh my lord no!" Jayne protested, but Shelly wasn't listening, as she added her own panties and bra to the coat in her locker, changed from shoes to boots and stuffed a handfull of condoms down her basque until now clad only in the black basque, fishnet stockings and black leather high heeled knee length boots Shelly tugged on the leash and led Jayne to the door to the "Club."