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Chapter 4. Christys Punishment.

2022-01-20 13:23:21

Chapter 4. Christy’s Punishment.
I was trying to get some paperwork done, but couldn’t concentrate very well. I kept thinking about what my wife had done to Christy and how that beautiful young thing was going to be coming back at about 3pm.
I checked my wife’s office at about 2:30 and she wasn’t there. I walked all the way through to the other side and asked her assistant about it and she said that my wife had run out on some errands and would be back by 3. I went back to my office and told my assistant that she could leave early today if she had no pressing paperwork to get done, and she said she would leave as soon as she finished some report she was working on for me. I was afraid it might get too loud in my office after 3pm.
Finally, around 3pm, my wife strolled in with a shopping bag and sat down in one of the visitor’s chairs. I asked where she had been and she put her finger to her lips and shushed me. She grinned like a Cheshire cat and finally said “Anticipation baby, just enjoy the anticipation.”
It was well after 3pm, in fact closer to 3:30 when there was a knock on my door. I knew that my assistant was gone, so my dick jumped a little in anticipation of it being Christy.
My wife went to the door, opened it, ushered Christy into the room, and told her to stand before my desk. Christy was dressed in the same outfit from earlier; a white button down shirt and a mid-thigh skirt. My wife told Christy to face me to tell me what exactly had happened in the bathroom. Christy hesitated and then began telling the story.
“Veronica said she had a surprise for me, so we went in to the lady’s room and she led me to the last stall and told me to go in there for the surprise. We went in, and then she told me that some guy had stuck his “thing” through a hole in the wall and she sucked him off. I didn’t believe her at first, but then a dick came through the wall. I was excited and put it in me until he came. Then I had just sat down when Mrs… I mean Mistress came in.”
We both knew that that was an abbreviated version of the story. My wife got up and stood directly behind Christy.
“Are you afraid of the more common terms for the human body, Christy?” my wife asked. “You said he put his “thing” through the hole. It was a big dick, right?”
“Yes”, said Christy tentatively.
“Yes, what?!?” my wife demanded.
“Yes, mistress, it was a big dick.”
“And where did you put this big dick, Christy?”
“I put the big dick into my vagina, Mistress.” She responded.
My wife wouldn’t let it go at that, though. “That’s all? Just into your vagina?” my wife continued.
“I think I might have sucked on it when it first came through.”
“You mean “Yes, I sucked on that big dick, Mistress” don’t you, Christy?” and with that my wife grabbed her face with her right hand and squeezed her cheeks.
“Yes, Mistress, I sucked on the big dick” Christy said weakly. She appeared to be putty in my wife’s hand. Meanwhile, my hard on was becoming uncomfortable.
“And then you let that big dick fuck you, right?” my wife continued.
“Yes, Mistress, I let that big dick fuck me.”
“Did you like it?” my wife asked.
Christy hesitated, but then it seemed that she figured the truth was best. “Yes, Mistress, I liked it.”
“I could see that by your pussy juices running down your leg.” My wife said. “I think it’s time for some more punishment. What do you think, Christy? Are you ready for some more paddling?”
Christy hung her head and muttered faintly, “Yes, Mistress”.
“Assume the position” my wife said.
Christy bent forward and placed her hands on the desk. My wife lifted Christy’s skirt up over her ass onto her back. Christy had put another thong on after cleaning up all the cum juices. This one was pink.
“Master,” my wife said to me, “Please retrieve the paddle for me.”
I looked at her questioningly. I had a boner the size of Wisconsin in my pants and getting up with Christy leaning onto my desk meant that she wouldn’t be able to miss it. My wife nodded and winked at me, leading me to believe that this was part of the plan. So I stood up and my hard on was unmistakable. Christy saw it immediately and kept her eyes on it the best that she could without moving her head as I moved to get the paddle. I retrieve it and handed it to my wife.
My wife looked at Christy’s ass and ran her hand gently over it. Christy squirmed just a little.
“It is a very nice ass, isn’t it Master?” my wife asked me and she motioned me over.
“Yes, I would say that that is a very fine young 18 year old ass.” And I ran my hand over the cheeks. “Oh yes, it’s very firm and in good shape”.
“Well, let’s hope it’s ready for this.” And my wife smacked her with the paddle. Christy jumped at the first contact.
My wife acted like she just noticed my predicament as I stood on the other side of Christy.
“Oh, my god. Christy, stand up and turn around, but remember to keep your skirt up to your waist.” My wife said. Christy did as she was told. “All your terrible, dirty talk about sucking and fucking a big dick has gotten my husband’s dick hard. Now you’ve made him terribly uncomfortable and even at his age, he’s going to need to relieve it soon or he’ll get blue balls. I don’t want to have to satisfy him every time one of you sluts decides to display yourself or talk dirty around him. Do you think that’s fair to me, Christy?”
“No, Mistress.” She answered. Her eyes were locked onto my dick, but she seemed unaware of where this was going.
“Well, what are you going to do about it?” she asked Christy sharply.
Christy started to open her mouth, but was unable to come up with anything that might please her Mistress and looked questioningly at my wife.
“You are a brainless slut, aren’t you, Christy. I want you to get down on your knees, take out my husband’s dick and relieve him of that pressure, understand?”
Christy looked quickly up to my wife and started to say something, but was greeted with a slap across the face. She didn’t get to object. She stood there in shock for a second, but then let go of her skirt, slowly lowered herself to her knees and started undoing my pants. I, on the other hand, was ready to explode at this idea of my wife ordering this young woman to blow me and watching it.
Finally, she had my pants pulled down and my boxers, too, and my dick was there standing up waving in the open air. I looked down at Christy, who was wrapping her hand around my dick and smearing the pre-cum across the head just as she had done earlier in the day. I looked up at my wife and she was grinning at me. I was in heaven. I then watched as Christy took my cock into her mouth and started sucking. She was doing it much better than I expected considering she had been ordered to do it, but she seemed to enjoy it no matter the circumstances.
I was aware that my wife had moved, but I was not paying attention until I saw her come back into my field of vision. Christy’s sucking was so good that I was not paying attention to the fact that she was now naked and wearing a large strap-on dildo. It was larger than my cock! Oh man, she was going to use it on Christy! I watched transfixed as she got down on the floor behind Christy.
“Master, please sit down in that chair behind you. Christy, don’t stop sucking Master’s big hard dick.” My wife said.
So I backed up a couple of steps slowly as Christy shuffled along on her knees and then slowly lowered myself into the chair. Christy came with me, her mouth remaining connected to my hard cock. I was going to last a very short time again with this. She was very good at sucking my dick and I was watching my wife come up behind Christy.
My wife grabbed Christy’s hips and said to her, “Christy, do not quit sucking Master’s dick. I wanted to let you know that I know this kind of thing makes us all horny, including you. Mistress doesn’t want you to go back to your room unsatisfied so just relax as Mistress fucks you with a big strap-on dick.”
At the sound of that, Christy lifted her head off my dick and turned around to see what was happening. My wife shook the dick at her, lifted her skirt, and put the dick against Christy’s pussy. Christy moaned and went back to sucking my dick. I could feel Christy rocking as my wife pushed the dick against her hole. My wife didn’t go easy on her, but she didn’t try to tear up the young girl either. She was just forceful enough and when it was in a ways, Christy raised off my dick and moaned. She was really enjoying it now.
My wife started fucking Christy with the strap-on, and I knew that I was going to cum from her blowjob. I said to Christy, “Christy, Master is ready to cum, so keep sucking and don’t spill a drop.”
Christy just looked up at me and nodded. Then she closed her eyes as she also enjoyed my wife’s fucking her.
Then I exploded into her mouth. I spasmed hard and my whole body went rigid. I held on to her head and kept pumping sperm into her mouth and she kept sucking and sucking until I was done. Then I pulled out of her mouth and she started moaning loudly. It was apparent that she was about ready to cum as well. I just sat there and watched her face as she reached up and braced herself using the arms on the chair. Her face was beautiful as I watched her with her eyes closed savoring the hard fucking my wife was giving her.
“I’m c-c-cumming” she finally stammered, and started shaking and spasming. The orgasm lasted quite a while and I looked down to see that my wife was not only fucking her, but appeared to have a finger in Christy’s ass as well.
When her orgasm had subsided, she leaned forward and placed her head in my lap, her cheek resting against my limp dick. She was exhausted. My wife pulled out of her and there was quite a sucking sound as Christy’s pussy released the large dildo. My wife stood up and she was gorgeous standing there naked wearing this large strap-on covered with Christy’s juices. She reached down and slapped Christy’s ass, startling Christy out of her relaxed moment. She remembered where she was and stayed there kneeling, being very still. She was staring at my cock and probably thinking about what just happened to her.
“Did you enjoy being fucked by this dildo and sucking Master’s cock?” my wife asked her.
Christy seemed a little unsure to admit that she enjoyed it, but finally said “Yes, Mistress.”
“Good. Now there is one member of this group who is not satisfied. Do you know what that means Christy?” my wife asked as she moved to the other chair next to mine.
“Yes, Mistress.” She said, and without further prompting, she turned around on her knees and shuffled over to my wife. My wife removed the strap-on, leaned back, and opened her legs for the young girl. Her pussy was soaking wet. She was as turned on by all this as I was.
Christy looked at my wife’s cunt, which was also fairly well shaven, and started licking. My wife leaned back, turned her head toward me, and smiled. She had never told me that this was something she would do either, but all of this was new and she was enjoying being in charge of this beautiful young woman. For her part, Christy seemed to know her way around a pussy, and my wife looked like she was going to come quickly. I watched as Christy now had two fingers in my wife’s pussy and was sucking on the clit. My wife was moaning loudly, and getting close, because she grabbed Christy’s head and said “That’s it, my little cunt-licking slave, suck on my clit and fuck my cunt. Eat me all up you slut.”
And with that she came. Her orgasm was a major one. She spasmed over and over and held Christy’s head like vise grips. She kept saying, “Oh yeah, Mistress is cumming!” until her last spasm and she relaxed.
She raised Christy’s head up, looked at her, and said “You are a very good slave, young lady. Now watch your step or we may have to take more drastic action and punishment, understand?”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Now tell Master thanks for cumming in your mouth.”
“Thank you for cumming in my mouth, Master.” Christy echoed.
“And thank me for fucking you and letting you eat my cunt.”
“Thank you, Mistress, for fucking me and letting me eat your cunt.”
“Now get back to your room.” My wife said.
After Christy left, we slowly got dressed ourselves and my wife looked at me with a twinkle in her eye. “I think you’re satisfied for now, eh big boy?”
“Whew!” I said to her. “That was the most fantastic thing I have ever seen. If I hadn’t already been blown twice by that girl, the second time just before she sucked your cunt, I would have been hard again watching that. You were just too fucking hot!”
“Well, thank you, good sir.” She said. “We’ll have to see what else we can cook up.”
I was also thinking of some things I could cook up for her. She had taken care of me, so I wanted to try something similar. I set to work on that idea while we dressed and closed up for the night.
In Chapter 5: Christy’s Back… with a friend!